A Coming of Age Manga Comic 

In a world similar to earth, a large majority of humanity has been given otherworldly powers called "Uniques" that they use in order to combat the rise of massive grotesque creatures called "Corrupteds", we follow a young man named "Zorox" who studies in the D.A.S.O institute to hone his unique "Super Human Growth" and become someone he can be proud of. 

Unfortunately, there are groups of people who choose to abuse their gifts. Can Zorox figure out what he must do and find out the connections between Uniques and Corrupteds? Can he achieve his goal of becoming a D.A.S.O Operative? Can he survive the grueling tasks that he'll encounter? Find out in this coming-of-age manga comic and graphic novel, CEMAS Z.

Inside CEMAS Z, you’ll find:

  • The illustrated story of Zorox and other heroes alike
  • Some of the best manga stories
  • And so much more!

If you love graphic novels and manga comics like The Umbrella Academy, My Hero Academia, Attack on Titan, Wotakoi, or Jujutsu Kaien, you’ll love CEMAS Z.

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A Room of Their Own


Explore Historic Homes of Famous Women

Add to your travel bucket list with A Room of Their Own, the history guide to famous ladies and their estates. Experience the impact of these international residents on history through the artifacts that they left behind.

Experience the daily lives of feminist icons. Ever wonder what the most famous women in history did in their spare time? From bestselling author Marlene Wagman-Geller comes a women history book and travel memoir about the home museums of women who helped shape history. From female authors, artists, and public figures, A Room of Their Own has something for everyone wanting to know more about who these legendary ladies were.

Connect with relics of the past. Full of historical facts and stories from 37 different locations around the world, this travel memoir also shares something that can only be found in these historic homes: the preservation of their personal legacy. Each chapter visualizes the emotional journey these residents lived through the personal items left behind. Featuring unknown stories about Frida Kahlo; Lizzie Borden; Diana, Princess of Wales; and more, history lovers will reconnect with these famous women in history as real people with everyday lives.

Explore these home museums of famous women in history. The Betsy Ross Museum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Jane Austen’s House, Chawton, The United Kingdom; Museo Frida Kahlo, Mexico City, Mexico; Anne Frank House, Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Anne of Green Gables House, Prince Edward Island, Canada; Carry A. Nation, Medicine Lodge, Kansas; and more.

Inside, you’ll also find:

  • How these home museums came to be
  • Unique furniture, photographs, letters, and other artifacts
  • History trivia about the daily lives of these famous women

If you liked books such as All the Beauty in the World, Women in White Coats, or Unabashed Women, you’ll love A Room of Their Own.

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Each Day a New Beginning Workbook


Guided Workbook Meditation for Women in Recovery from the Author Who Pioneered the Women’s Recovery Movement 

Inspired by millions of women who have made Each Day a New Beginning their daily companion, find guidance and affirmation in this invaluable workbook version of Karen Casey’s beloved daily meditation book.

Each Day a New Beginning is celebrating over four decades of empowering women. Now embark on a life-changing journey of self-discovery and recovery with Each Day a New Beginning Workbook. This workbook is a guided meditation journal designed specifically for women in alcoholism recovery and those seeking spiritual growth and self-discovery. This invaluable resource empowers you to personalize your path, offering daily meditations that address common challenges like loneliness, shame, and the quest for hope. Benefit from recording your triumphs and setbacks as you reflect on the invaluable lessons each new day brings.

Your daily companion to healing and growth. In Each Day a New Beginning Workbook, Karen Casey invites you to embrace the power of daily spiritual meditations. Peppered throughout the book, exercises foster compassion, acceptance, and creativity, supporting your healing journey one day at a time. Discover the promise of a new beginning each day. Celebrate your personal strength and dedication towards recovery while practicing mindfulness through these transformative daily exercises.

Inside find:

  • Personalized daily meditations for women in alcoholism recovery
  • Spiritual meditation exercises promoting compassion, acceptance, and creativity
  • Inspirational quotes and insights from extraordinary female role models
  • A collective space for spiritual reflection, learning, and connection in recovery

If you enjoyed Karen Casey’s bestselling Each Day a Renewed Beginning or A Woman’s Spirit, and books like Daily Reflections or Keep It Simple, you’ll love Each Day a New Beginning Workbook.

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Another Step Up the Mountain


A True Story of Triumph Over Adversity and the Loss of a Child

In this gripping memoir, learn the true story of how mountaineering and extreme sports enthusiast Dianette Wells endures the devastating loss of her son and learns to balance motherhood with a life of extreme adventure.

Climbing over adversity. In her groundbreaking memoir, Another Step Up the Mountain, Dianette tells of her unique experiences climbing the Seven Summits, participating in adventure races (including four Eco-Challenges and ultra marathons around the world), as she raised three wonderful children. Trying to survive a tumultuous marriage, Dianette felt empty and unhappy. However, everything changed when she discovered adventure racing. Full of beautiful and uplifting moments, Dianette’s story will inspire you to discover the meaning of joy in your own healing journey.

Grief recovery and restoration with every step of the way. In 2015, Dianette lost her son Johnny to a wingsuiting accident, driving her to withdraw into severe depression. However, with the support of those around her, Dianette’s desire to compete in endurance sports and her love of mountain climbing helped her find an inner strength to begin healing. As she had in the past, she faced adversity and found her inner power by embracing her devotion to sports and family. Full of beautiful and uplifting moments, Dianette’s story will inspire you to rediscover what joy means to you and how we must cherish our intrinsic abilities.

Inside discover how Dianette:

  • Discovers inner strength amidst adversity
  • Balances motherhood while participating in extreme sports
  • Finds resilience through mountaineering and ultra marathons
  • Lives with tragic loss with unwavering determination

If you liked books such as No Summit Out of Sight; Climbing High; Into Thin Air; or Mother, Nature, you’ll love Another Step Up the Mountain.

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The Art of Hutting


Living Off-the-Grid in Scotland

Don’t just experience Scottish history. Live it with The Art of Hutting, the essential beginner’s guide to sustainable living off the grid.

Experience Scotland like never before. The Land of the Brave has so much to see and offer, but nothing is more breathtaking than living in its natural beauty. So how does one live away from the cities of Scotland? Inspired by traditional and modern shelter techniques, hutting expert Peter MacQueen shares how to live off the grid in The Art of Hutting. Each chapter answers many your questions about local sustainable living, from the safest bushcraft tools to growing a bountiful garden for every season. That way, you can be prepared to create your forever home and make memories in the untamed heart of Scotland.

Create your own cozy Scottish hideaway. Along with learning the necessary outdoor skills to live off Scotland’s resources, this self-sufficient living book also shares how to create the hut of your dream. Off-grid living has never been cozier than with MacQueen’s hutting tips and tricks, from constructing the perfect eco-design to finding natural building materials. And with visual examples of local huts and cottages to choose from, you can create your next home with all the beauty and wonders the Scottish highlands and lowlands have to offer.

Inside The Art of Hutting, you’ll also find:

  • Best locations for hut building
  • How to create a wildlife garden made from Scotland’s natural vegetation
  • Recommendations for fire-starter tools and firewood storage

If you liked books such as Thrive, Clansland Almanac, or Surviving the Wild, then you’ll love The Art of Hutting.

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100 Proven Ways to Acquire and Keep Clients for Life


Understand the Keys to Client Acquisition and Lasting Relationships

Making powerful connections with a prospective client, so they engage and stay with you is increasingly difficult. C. Richard Weylman’s proven path to cultivating client relationships is essential for success.

Elevate your client’s experience and win more business. This is the first book to detail how professionals can acquire more clients and establish their lasting loyalty through the experience they provide. Many books are written on acquisition strategies, better customer service or an elevated experience. But none gives the reader the step-by-step tactical strategies to make both acquisition and loyalty happen in concert like this book does. It is the permanent business growth and success handbook for 21st century professionals in sales, marketing, and service.

Give your clients the appreciation that they deserve. Working with a company can be stressful for many clients, especially if they feel they are not being heard. 100 Proven Ways to Acquire and Keep Clients for Life reveals effective methods for providing your sincerest attention to your client base. Each chapter examines the best ways to utilize empathy, thoughtfulness, and assurance in delivering an exceptional client experience. That way, both you and your client are advocating for each other’s long-term success.

Inside find genuine insight and key tips on creating and managing client relationships such as:

  • What buyers of every product or service actually want and why it matters
  • The critical link between client acquisition and long-term loyalty
  • The proven path to engage with people to become the provider of choice
  • How to create rock-solid relationships that withstand competitive pressure

If you liked business books such as Unreasonable HospitalityThe Power of Why, or Change, you’ll love C. Richard Weylman’s 100 Proven Ways to Acquire and Keep Clients for Life.

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Women Who Murder


Female Serial Killers Through Time

From historical accounts to modern cases, explore the captivating psychology behind these killer women, unraveling their motives and unveiling the dark complexities of human behavior.

The fair sex. We’ve often heard this clichéd expression being used to refer to women. Although it has become increasingly outdated, the mindset still exists that women are the gentle and nurturing sex. When it comes to murder, that notion gets turned on its head. And this isn’t a recent phenomenon; we can find plenty of female killers going back in history. In fact, some of the world’s most notorious serial killers have been women. These female killers give their male counterparts a run for their money, and deserve to be counted among the most famous serial killers. 

Unearth the disturbing histories of notorious women. From the chilling accounts of infamous black widow murders to the spine-tingling narratives of women who shocked the world with their sinister deeds, this anthology delves deep into the minds of these deadly women. Spanning eras and continents, these tales of true crime offer a chilling exploration of the darkest corners of human nature.


  • Discover lesser-known cases of female killers that challenge conventional narratives and shed light on the often-overlooked stories of women who defied societal norms and perpetrated gruesome crimes.
  • Enjoy a diverse selection of true crime tales that spotlight the narratives of female serial killers from various historical periods.
  • Explore the international spectrum of female murderers and uncover how factors such as culture, upbringing, and personal experiences contribute to the making of these deadly women.

If you liked books such as Lady Killers, The Big Book of Serial Killers, or The Best New True Crime Stories, you’ll love Women Who Murder.

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Adaptive Listening


There Isn’t One Way to Listen. It’s Time to Adapt Your Listening!

Adaptive Listening is incredible. [It] made me evaluate all aspects of my interactions in life.”​ ─Workshop participant from Cisco

#1 New Release in Running Meetings & Presentations and Human Resources & Personnel Management

Adaptive Listening is for those who want to improve the way they, and their teams, communicate up, down, across, internally, and externally. Through engaging stories and practical techniques, discover a new model for listening in the workplace.

Not just another book on communication. Adaptive Listening helps you up-level the under-trained side of communication amidst the realities of a hectic workday. Researched and tested exclusively in the work setting, Adaptive Listening moves you beyond active listening, embracing easy-to-remember techniques that strengthen relationships and get work done more effectively. 

Leaders at all levels can improve listening skills. Aspiring, emerging, and established leaders can build more awareness about their own listening style and the impact it has on their workday. Only then can they adapt the way they listen to meet the goals and needs of direct reports, peers, managers, customers, and stakeholders, all while contributing to a positive workplace culture.

Inside learn:

  • How to leverage the strengths and avoid the pitfalls of your listening style by recognizing how you prefer to process and respond to information
  • How to break away from ineffective listening and step into Adaptive Listening to meet the goals and needs of the person speaking 
  • How to reduce mistrust, misalignment, and miscommunication by being more mindful of the barriers that prevent you from using empathetic communication
  • How to cue other listeners to listen in the way you want and need

If you enjoyed You’re Not ListeningJust ListenListen Like You Mean ItPower ListeningNonviolent Communication, or Crucial Conversations, you’ll love Adaptive Listening.

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Icons of Rock


The Creative Process Behind Rock Music

#1 New Release in Actor & Entertainer Biographies

What inspires the heart, mind, and soul of so many famous rock stars? Human behavior psychologist and 1960s icon Jenny Boyd explores the artistic drive responsible for creating your favorite songs.

A glimpse into the creative power of music. Ever since the Beatles’ British Invasion, numerous rock bands and singers have created albums that still have many fans’ love and devotion today. Was it raw talent, or was there something below the surface that transformed these dreamers into Hollywood legends? Icons of Rock invites music lovers to discover the truth behind their favorite artists and how they created the best songs of all time. Investigating the psychology and chemistry behind artistic inspiration, you will find how much an unconscious influence can change not only one person’s life, but the entire world.

Rock legends share their inspirational tips for music success. Having experienced a life full of rock and roll, author Jenny Boyd explores the psychology of rock stars not just from a scientific point, but also from the musicians themselves. Inside, you’ll find rock and roll biographies full of what drove your favorite singers and bands into stardom. Featuring interviews and inspiring stories from Stevie Nicks, Ringo Starr, Keith Richards, and more, discover what makes a rock star and how you can find your own creative success by listening to your inner muse.

Inside Icons of Rock, you’ll also discover:

  • Why the unconscious is the key to success
  • Ways musicians have nurtured their creative process
  • How peak experiences can manifest in songwriting and concerts

If you liked The Singers Talk, Jennifer Juniper, or Self-Belief Is Your Superpower, you’ll love Icons of Rock.

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Love the Food that Loves You Back


Healthy Recipes for Every Step of Your Weight Loss Journey

"Get ready to indulge in creative and delicious recipes that serve up big portions and huge inspiration! This cookbook will no doubt become one of your secret weapons in the kitchen!" —Lisa Lillien a.k.a. Hungry Girl

#1 Best Seller in Low Fat Cooking and Low Cholesterol Cooking

Ilana Muhlstein’s own 100-pound weight loss journey gives her the cutting edge in guiding thousands on their weight loss journey. Ilana’s first book You Can Drop It, was published by Simon & Schuster in 2020 and has sold over 50,000 copies.

Recipes for everyone in your tribe. Ilana has healthy recipes for the whole family to enjoy. From easy snacks for kids, lunch ideas for adults, to delicious dinner ideas, this cookbook for nutrition is packed with healthy recipes. “Foods that love you back" are low calorie, super healthy and high volume foods, meaning you can eat a LOT of them. You don’t have to lose your figure to feed your family!

Don’t sacrifice good food while trying to lose weight. Have you been on a high cholesterol diet? Are you looking for recipes to lower cholesterol? Have you been looking for a cookbook for nutrition? Are you looking for the next healthy bestselling cookbook? Well, you're in luck! Ilana created this cookbook full of healthy recipes that allow you to eat delicious and well-seasoned meals while also losing weight and keeping your health in check. You can eat more and weigh less, we show you how!

Inside, you’ll find:

  • Healthy recipes to make easy snacks and lunch ideas for adults and kids alike
  • Recipes to lower cholesterol, lose weight, and keep up a healthy eating lifestyle
  • The 2B Mindset program from Ilana Muhlstein who has lost over 100 pounds without sacrificing great meals

If you liked Whole Food For Your Family, The Well Plated Cookbook, or Simple and Delicious Vegan, you’ll want to read Love the Food That Loves You Back.

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Seasonal Living with Herbs


Enhance Your Home and Health with Seasonal Herbs

The ultimate guide to seasonal herbs, Seasonal Living with Herbs is a transformative book that explores the medicinal, culinary, and crafting uses of herbs.

Unlock the full potential of seasonal herbs. This is your go-to resource for discovering the extraordinary benefits of nature's bounty. Learn how to preserve herbs and harness their medicinal properties, explore creative ways to use herbs in your everyday life, and cultivate a deeper connection to the natural world.

Discover the secrets of herbal abundance with Seasonal Living with Herbs—a comprehensive book that invites you to embrace the beauty and benefits of seasonal herbs. With guidance for growing and caring for herbs in every season, you'll learn to harness their full potential. Delight in the herbal spotlights specific to each season, savor the flavors of seasonal recipes, and create stunning crafts that celebrate the natural world. From cultivating your own herb garden to preserving their essence, this book empowers you to infuse your daily life with the magic of herbs.

Inside, you'll find:

  • Herbal spotlights highlighting the unique properties of seasonal herbs
  • Recipes using herbs that showcase their flavors and aromas
  • From your garden to your craft projects inspired by the beauty of herbs
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to preserve herbs and their benefits

If you enjoyed books on how to use herbs like The Herbal Medicine-Maker's Handbook, The Herbal Kitchen, or The Healing Kitchen, you'll love Seasonal Living with Herbs.

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The Ultimate Glow Up Guide


Glow Up Into A New, Empowered You

#1 New Release in New Thought

Find a deep understanding of how to have a glow up and what that truly means for women. Empowerment books like this are hard to find—become the best version of yourself today.

How to have a glow up—made easy. Author Elicia Goguen, creator of The Glow Up Secrets YouTube channel, shares her personal glow-up journey and how to have a glow up yourself, giving tips on changing thoughts of self-hate or sabotage into self improvement for real women. No more indulging in body shaming or unhealthy diet culture while focusing on your outer appearance with this women’s empowerment book.

Glow up from within. This shadow work book guides women back to their unique selves, healing their inner child along the way. Break unhealthy habits and relationships by connecting with your authentic self. Women can glow up with this self growth book for lasting change. It’s your time to start creating your story from a place of self acceptance and self love.

In The Ultimate Glow Up Guide, discover:

  • Ways to stop self hate, self criticism, and self limiting beliefs in this self confidence book
  • An inner child healing book full of self care for women
  • How to have a glow up on your way to achieving your dream life

If you liked books for women and empowerment books such as Badass Affirmations, Help Me, I'm Stuck, or How to Do the Work, you will love The Ultimate Glow Up Guide!

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Easy Peasy Cockapoo


How to Train Your Cockapoo from the UK’s #1 Dog Trainer

"Bloody brilliant book! First time dog owner getting a puppy…this book has been amazing with support and easy activities.” ─Amazon review 

Experience the joy of successfully raising your Cockapoo with Steve Mann’s expert guidance─UK’s celebrated dog trainer and bestselling author

Master Cockapoo training with Steve Mann. Penned by renowned dog trainer, Steve Mann, this book offers an invaluable trove of insights gathered from his 30+ years of experience. Recognizing the uniqueness of each breed, Steve presents comprehensive guidelines tailored specifically to Cockapoos. Easy Peasy Cockapoo is an invaluable resource for every stage of your dog's life, whether you have a new puppy, a middle-aged Cockapoo, or a rescue dog.

A great gift for new dog owners. Delve into the breed's history, understand Cockapoo specific characteristics, and learn to address common behaviors. Understand how to keep your Cockapoo content when home alone, groom effectively, and optimize nutrition─all to foster the most rewarding bond with your Cockapoo dog.

Inside you'll discover:

  • Expert guidance on Cockapoo puppy training and dog obedience training, enhancing your connection with your furry friend
  • Techniques to handle separation anxiety, ensuring your Cockapoo feels secure even when home alone
  • Tips for effective crate training a puppy, simplifying potty training and providing a safe haven
  • Insights into Cockapoo specific behaviors, allowing for better understanding and response to your pet's actions

If you have read Cockapoo training books like How To Train And Care For Your Cockapoo Puppy, COCKAPOO Expert Dog Training , The Cockapoo Handbook, or The Cockapoo Manual, you’ll love Steve Mann’s Easy Peasy Cockapoo. Also don’t miss Steve Mann’s bestselling Easy Peasy Puppy Squeezy and Easy Peasy Awesome Pawsome.

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Easy Peasy French Bulldog


How to Train Your French Bulldog from the UK’s #1 Dog Trainer

Experience the joy of successfully raising your French Bulldog with Steve Mann’s expert guidance─UK’s celebrated dog trainer and bestselling author

Master French Bulldog training with Steve Mann. Penned by renowned dog trainer, Steve Mann, this book offers an invaluable trove of insights gathered from his 30+ years of experience. Recognizing the uniqueness of each breed, Steve presents comprehensive guidelines tailored specifically to French Bulldogs. Easy Peasy French Bulldog is an invaluable resource for every stage of your dog's life, whether you have a new puppy, a middle-aged French Bulldog, or a rescue dog.

A great gift for new dog owners. Delve into the breed's history, understand French Bulldog specific characteristics, and learn to address common behaviors. Understand how to keep your French Bulldog content when home alone, groom effectively, and optimize nutrition─all to foster the most rewarding bond with your French Bulldog.

Inside you'll discover:

  • Expert guidance on French Bulldog puppy training and dog obedience training, enhancing your connection with your furry friend
  • Techniques to handle separation anxiety, ensuring your French Bulldog feels secure even when home alone
  • Tips for effective crate training a puppy, simplifying potty training and providing a safe haven
  • Insights into French Bulldog specific behaviors, allowing for better understanding and response to your pet's actions

If you have read French Bulldog training books like The Complete Guide to French BulldogsThe French Bulldog HandbookFrenchie Frenzy, or French Bulldog Training, you’ll love Steve Mann’s Easy Peasy French Bulldog. Also don’t miss Steve Mann’s bestselling Easy Peasy Puppy Squeezy and Easy Peasy Awesome Pawsome.

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15 Minute Meals


Efficient, Delicious, Lazy Dinner Ideas

“…15 Minute Meals is an absolute game-changer for parents who strive to nourish their kids without compromising on taste or quality.” ―Leah Cohen, professional chef, tv host, and cookbook author

#1 Best Seller in Budget Cooking, Cookbooks Food & Wine, Quick & Easy Cooking, Natural Food Cooking, and Gourmet Cooking

Discover the ultimate time-saving solution with 15 Minute Meals. This indispensable guide to fast, flavorful, and healthy family recipes by James Beard, IACP, and Emmy-Nominated Ali Rosen features step-by-step instructions for super quick dinner ideas—actually ready in 15 minutes—to satisfy the busiest person. 

The ultimate convenience. Full of flavorful dishes packed with no-prep vegetables, this quick meals cookbook provides step-by-step instructions for fast meals without sacrificing taste or quality. Whether you're a busy mom in need of last minute dinner ideas or are seeking easy, fast recipes for dinner, this collection of healthy quick meals transforms your everyday cooking experience.

Goodbye stress, hello delicious simplicity. Designed for effortless, satisfying meals, this cookbook presents a variety of quick ideas for dinner that require minimal time and effort. Embrace the convenience of frozen vegetables meals and discover the secrets of healthy, lazy dinner ideas. 15 Minute Meals is your ticket to stress-free, flavorful meals in no time.

Inside find:

  • Time-saving tips for preparing meals with no-prep vegetables
  • Step-by-step speedy cooking, perfect for busy individuals and families
  • A must-have resource for those seeking flavorful, healthy family recipes on busy days

If you liked Natasha's KitchenQuick Prep Paleo, or Flavcity's 5 Ingredient Meals, you’ll love 15 Minute Meals.

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Addicted to Vegan


Discover the Ultimate Vegan Cookbook

Indulge in the flavorful world of Addicted to Vegan, one of the best plant-based cookbooks, and unlock a new level of culinary creativity while embracing a nourishing and sustainable lifestyle.

Embark on a culinary adventure. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a beginner, this is the best plant-based cookbook for easy meals to make at home that satisfy your taste buds and nourish your body. Full of hearty meals and delectable vegan treats, Addicted to Vegan is a must-have for families seeking wholesome, plant based recipes to delight and inspire.

Unlock the secrets of plant-based cooking. With an enticing array of plant-based recipes, create delicious meals and embrace sustainability. From comforting soups to satisfying entrees, Addicted to Vegan showcases the versatility of plant-based ingredients. It is a valuable resource for anyone interested in vegan cuisine. 

In this vegan cookbook, find:

  • Easy meals to make at home that are both delicious and nourishing
  • Delectable, vibrant vegan treats and convenient options for everyday cooking
  • Diverse vegetable recipes that tantalize taste buds and flaunt the versatility of plant-based ingredients

If you enjoy best selling cookbooks for beginner vegans like The Complete Plant-Based Cookbook, The Korean Vegan Cookbook, or Simple and Delicious Vegan, you’ll love Addicted to Vegan.

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Discover Resilience and Reach Your Life Goals

#1 New Release in Popular Applied Psychology

BreakProof is a gripping testament to never giving up. The book embodies the spirit of a true go-getter and highlights the importance of life balance, goal setting, and living life to the fullest.

Discover resilience in adversity. BreakProof chronicles Jenn Drummond’s pursuit to conquer the Seven Second Summits, despite no mountain climbing experience. Through this emotional and physical journey toward that audacious goal, the world record-holding mountaineer provides lessons on never giving up, cultivating resilience, and finding strength in the face of life's greatest challenges.

Embark on a journey of personal growth. Mountain climbers consider the second-highest mountains on all seven continents to be technically more complex than the seven highest. Jenn's experiences on the mountains serve as metaphors for achieving life goals and inspiring continuous self-improvement. In BreakProof, she shares her struggles and victories and delivers potent insights into achieving balance, setting meaningful objectives, and living life to its fullest.

The 7 secrets to realizing your life dream. In June 2023, Jenn became the first woman in the world to conquer the Seven Second Summits. Life goal reached! Learn the 7 secrets to how Jenn did it and how you can apply her hard-earned lessons to learning how never to quit.

Inside, discover

  • Actionable strategies and exercises to take the first steps, build resilience, and handle life's challenges
  • The importance of goal setting and continuous self-improvement and personal growth
  • Ways to troubleshoot seemingly insurmountable obstacles
  • Inspiration for becoming a go-getter, never giving up, embracing life balance, and living life to the fullest

If you have read books such as This Year I Will…, Mindful Self-Discipline, or the mega-bestseller, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, then BreakProof is a must-read.

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The Official Story of a Musical Icon─Told in Full for the First Time in his Own Words!

"The most entertaining music memoir since Elton John's Me... This is George O'Dowd in all his exhausting glory." Observer

#1 New Release in Gay Studies and LGBTQ+ Biographies

Karma is the definitive autobiography from the incomparable Grammy, Brit, and Ivor Novello award-winning lead singer of Culture Club, and LGBTQ+ vanguard: Boy George. 

Nothing short of an amazing story. Karma is the long-anticipated celebrity memoir from Boy George. The memoir delivers a searingly honest and captivating account of his extraordinary life. Take a front-row seat to the highs and lows of a life lived in the spotlight. Boy George's compelling storytelling shines a light on his encounters with legendary figures like David Bowie, Prince, and Madonna, providing an intimate peek into the music industry's glittering world.

Humor, sarcasm, and signature style. This is the explosive and honest account of Boy George's life as a child growing up in sixties London and coming out to his Irish Catholic family. Hear his account of his exploration of his sexuality through the hedonism of the seventies (the glam rock and punk rock revolution that birthed Culture Club), his recollections of the heydays of the nineties, and his ultimately embracing the man and artist that he is today. For those seeking books on self-acceptance and recovery from addiction, Karma stands as an example of the transformative power of embracing one's true self.

Inside explore:

  • An explosive self-acceptance journey
  • The glitz and glamour as well as personal struggles that have shaped Boy George's life
  • An essential addition to the library of celebrity autobiographies and LGBTQ+ books for adults

If you enjoy lgbtq+ celebrity autobiography books such as Pageboy, Unprotected, or Starving In Search of Me, then Boy George’s Karma is for you.

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