Mango was founded with the vision to reinvent publishing. We understand that, in our brave new world, most readers buy books online, and many find their next exciting read through social media. Our goal is to build a partnership with our authors, explore new ideas and start conversations with our readers, and publish high quality books using the most sophisticated marketing tools in the business.

Now in our fourth year, Mango is one of the fastest-growing publishers in the world.

About us
Mango is an innovative independent publisher based in beautiful and sunny Miami, Florida. We publish books from the freshest, most distinctive voices of our time. Our books seek to stretch the boundaries of our online culture and media, and, through unique ideas, get social waves flowing in new directions.
Books have changed our lives and we believe that Mango books should be instruments of change, inspiration, and entertainment. We publish books, eBooks, journals, and workbooks covering fresh ideas and pursuits across a global range of interests and passions.
Authors are creative geniuses and experts in their fields. Mango authors understand how to communicate, share, and socialize their ideas. Together, we produce great books that build our cultural discourse and expand our intellectual geography. Through our collaborative partnership, and the passion of our dedicated readers, we market them all over the world.
Design is in the eye of the beholder. Mango’s in-house design team crafts books to be treasured by readers and fans. We expand book design out of traditional comfort zones—and the industry has taken notice. Our team designs books for a number of top independent publishers as well, including Ripley’s Entertainment, FranklinCovey, and New World Library.
Mango? we’re often asked about our Mango name. In many African and Asian traditions, the mango tree was where the community gathered in the shade to meet, share wisdom, gossip, and debate ideas—perhaps a bit like today’s independent bookstore. Mangos are also delicious.