Leonard Carpenter discusses and signs Lusitania Lost at Book Soup

Lusitania spy thriller Lusitania Lost: The award-winning author of the Conan the Barbarian series turns his novelistic eye to real-life history of World War 1 in a "Titanic meets the Guns of August" spy thriller. A Lusitania spy thriller: History, romance, action. This is the final voyage of the Lusitania, the world's fastest luxury liner torpedoed by a German U-boat in the first year of the Great War. The story is told above and below decks, in the capitals and battlefields of Europe. We meet world leaders, the swank Broadway party set on shipboard, and the relentless submarine crew who fired the torpedo that launched America into war. Romance, intrigue and murder: Alma Brady is on the run from a New York mob boss. Desperate to escape Big Jim Hogan and his murderous gang, she joins a group of nurses bound for the Great War in Europe. Their ship is the Lusitania, the most celebrated luxury liner of 1915, with a passenger list of Broadway and Continental celebrities headed for certain doom. Aboard the Lusitania she meets Matthew Vane, a war correspondent who wants to find out what secret weapons may be hidden in the Lusitania cargo hold. During the one-week voyage, the characters are drawn into romance, intrigue and murder, culminating in a disaster whose full harrowing details have never been revealed in history or fiction. Lusitania horror and hope:Even with the threat of German U-boats and the too-recent Titanic disaster, who can guess that the passengers aboard Lusitania face dangers more horrifying than any on the war-torn battlefields across the Atlantic? Nor does Alma realize how relentlessly her past will pursue her. And, the lover she meets is a daredevil reporter intent on probing the Lusitania's innermost secrets. His quest may lead them both into even greater peril, or give rise... just possibly... to hope. (Mango)

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Dec 11 7:00 PM
Live music and chanting with Amber Field

Elise Marie Collins Yoga Do you need deep rejuvenation? Sound Healing balances the mind, body and spirit. Amber Field will play music and sing during gentle/restorative yoga at Yoga Tree Stanyan.   Elise Marie Collins is the author of the upcoming book Super Ager. Pre-order it here!

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Dec 13 6:15 AM

Winter Wishes Fulfilled! Sound Healing + Restorative Yoga with Elise Collins & Jules Sears   The seasonal cycles of our body remain much the same whether you live in 30 below zero temps or our balmy Bay Area. Harness the energies of the winter season for maximum results toward reaching your health and well-being desires!   Jules and Elise are a powerful duo, combining their vast knowledge to create these popular seasonal workshops that incorporate the vibrational power of sound with the healing traditions of Yoga and Taoism. In this workshop, Elise will set you up in relaxing yoga postures and Jules will use specifically-designed tuning forks on acupuncture points to heal your body through vibration (acutonics).    This workshop will :    • Give your quality time to capture the gestational quality of winter and create clear intentions for the best ways to manifest your dreams• Teach you how to nourish yourself with warm foods and warming spices such as ginger, allow the natural release of holiday overindulgences and balance the urges to hibernate with healthy ""rest and digest"" pointers• Set up Tone and relax the kidneys, which govern the water in our bodies. With WATER being the element of Winter, as well as a fantastic conduit for vibrations, we can restore a natural flow of energy, especially to the adrenal glands, and feel more at peace.   Cost : $45    *Remember Member! Workshops are always 10 - 15% off for members.     Elise Marie Collins is the author of the upcoming book Super Ager. Pre-order it here!

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Jan 20 2:00 PM
Alexandra Franzen at the New Renaissance Bookshop

Alexandra Franzen will host a book discussion and signing at the New Renaissance Bookshop in Portland, Oregon. She will discuss her new book "You're Goin to Survive."   To Register for this Event, Please Call New Renaissance at 503-224-4929 

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Jan 30 7:00 PM
Isabella Price (Goddess Power) Book Signing at Book Passage!

At the dawn of religion, God was a Woman. The Divine Feminine is known by innumerable names and symbol-rich manifestations across the world's cultures. Throughout the ages the Goddess has been honored and worshiped as the Virgin Mary, Isis, Inanna, Asherah, Diana, Kuan Yin, Kali, Oshun, Athena, Pele, Sarasvati, Demeter, and White Buffalo Calf Woman, to mention just a few. Many conceptions of the Goddess are mysterious and seemingly paradoxical. Yet at its source, the Divine Feminine is one. I Am (With) Her takes you on a fascinating and, at times, surprising journey into the enduring essence of the Divine Feminine. In the Goddess of Power you will learn: How the Goddess path offers an empowering message and inspiration The importance of re-establishing a healthy balance and integration of both the "masculine" and the "feminine" archetypes That the notion of God as archetypal "Sky-Father" is fairly recent in Western culture Why the wisdom of the Goddess/Sacred Feminine has been ignored, distorted, and oppressed for centuries How archetypes, mythic narratives, and qualities of Goddesses are alive within you and how they reveal intimate truths about yourself and others How Goddesses can serve as empowering guides in your personal and professional life Why especially black Goddesses/dark-skinned Mothers (e.g., Kali or Black Madonna) are a powerful symbol and catalyst for change in our times, both individually and collectively And much, much more! Isabella Price, MA, is an international speaker, author, and higher education professional at JFK University where she teaches World Spirituality courses. Isabella is the author of the leading-edge book series One Truth, Many Paths on the world's wisdom traditions, which includes her book I Am With Her on the Sacred Feminine. For over 25 years, she has been successfully teaching classes and workshops at JFK University, the California College of the Arts, and numerous other educational institutions and religious venues. She has traveled extensively and participated in numerous rituals from diverse wisdom traditions. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Feb 10 4:00 PM
Class at Emeritus (DVC): Are We Living in the End-Times?

Devastating fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, social upheaval, dysfunctional political systems and increasing economic disparity – sometimes it seems as if we are living in the end-times… Yet, what do the world’s wisdom traditions tell us about these ongoing crises on the planet? And how we may understand the “end?” As a “showdown at Armageddon,” as some people believe – or rather as a transition characterized by turmoil and the birth pangs of new beginnings? This class takes you on an insightful and thought-provoking journey beyond simplistic doomsday scenarios.   Mondays February 12 & 19 from 1:00-3:00pm    To register: please call Emeritus at 925-969-4600

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Feb 12 1:00 PM
Class at Emeritus (DVC): The Buddha’s Eight Steps to Happiness

More than 2000 years ago one of the great spiritual luminaries, Buddha Shakyamuni, experienced Supreme Enlightenment. His great realization led to what is known as the Four Noble Truths in the Buddhist tradition. Part of his teachings – the Eightfold Noble Path to transcend suffering and attain liberation – can be directly applied in our daily life practice. Come and dive into this ocean of timeless wisdom!   Mondays February 26 & March 5 from 1:00-3:00pm   To register: please call Emeritus at 925-969-4600          

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Feb 26 1:00 PM
Book Signing of "Goddess Power" at East West Bookshop in Mountain View

Goddess Power: Awakening the Wisdom of the Divine Feminine in Your Life takes you on an empowering journey into the heart of the Goddess traditions and helps you to access your inner wisdom. Goddess Power offers an inspirational message on how we might evolve toward higher consciousness by re-establishing a healthy balance and integration of both the “masculine” and the “feminine” at this time of great change. 

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Mar 09 7:30 PM