The Bake Fest with Baker Bettie!
May 21, 2022

The Bake Fest with Baker Bettie!

May 21 & 22 | Register for this event HERE 

The Bake Fest is the only event that celebrates all bakers – home bakers, pastry chefs and bakery owners, recipe developers, and baking influencers. The Bake Fest was created as a place for us all to learn. We built it with lots of networking opportunities so we have a space to get to know each other and exchange tips so we can grow together.

5th World Conference On Women | India 2022 Sisters Beyond Borders
Dec 1, 2022 12:00 AM

5th World Conference On Women | India 2022 Sisters Beyond Borders

01 Dec 2022 | Click HERE to register!

Mission Million 2022, India: Sisters Beyond Borders

Campaign Begins as we share the message with women across the globe.

Led by the ALL Ladies League (ALL) and Women Economic Forum (WEF), the largest multinational networks of women entrepreneurs and leaders worldwide, Mission Million aims to have a MILLION sisters and supporters participate in

what would be a 5th World Forum on Women, in 2022, in India – a milestone moment to mark our mega global network of Sisters Beyond Borders. It would be a coming together in solidarity of women worldwide toward co-creating a better world for All, in seamless connectivity beyond borders, boundaries and bias.

The WEF – Mission Million 2022, India would also serve as the 5WCW (World Conference on Women), as a self-propelled movement of women worldwide, offering the next timely milestone for women empowerment worldwide after the 4th UN-WCW held in 1995.


We have a strong #SheforShe spirit, with outreach toward #SheforHe and #HeforShe. Ours is a movement of Gender Equality without Gender Divisiveness.