C. Richard Weylman

C. Richard Weylman

Orphaned at age 6, Richard lived in nineteen foster homes and attended eleven different schools.

Rather than becoming victim of those circumstances he overcame them and has had remarkable business success including as an award-winning general sales manager of Rolls Royce to heading sales and marketing for the Robb Report- A Magazine for the Luxury Lifestyle from its inception until its record liquidity event. 

A Hall of Fame inducted Keynote speaker Richard has also been inducted into the Customer Experience Hall Of Fame for his legendary work helping brands engage with their customers and retain them. 

He is the author of two international bestsellers, the latest of which, The Power of Why: Breaking Out in a Competitive Marketplace is in seven languages and is also a CEO Reads best seller.

His next book 100 Proven Ways to Acquire and Keep Clients for Life  will be released on March 12th and is available for preorder on Amazon. 

Christopher Forbes, Vice Chairman of Forbes Media, calls Richard’s extraordinary insights and dynamic prescriptive presentations on business growth, and creating client advocacy "brilliant." 

Finally, he is a Horatio- Alger nominee for his philanthropic work on behalf of orphans and widows.