Fingers Crossed
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Pages   384
ISBN-13  978-1-68481-586-9

Fingers Crossed

How Music Saved Me from Success

By Miki Berenyi

The Shoegaze Story of a Britpop Star

#1 New Release in Composer & Musician Biographies

Go behind the curtain of London’s Britpop industry as music icon Miki Berenyi revisits the people and memories that changed her life forever

A rising star in the darkness. Growing up with a dubious family life, Miki never thought that music would be her ticket out of a cycle of neglect, exploitation, and struggling with her mental health. But soon after meeting fellow rock fan Emma Anderson, she found herself going from attending gigs to becoming a member of Lush, the most popular Britpop band in the world. Now she shares all in Fingers Crossed, an incredible confession about how the power of music can bring people together to share an ethereal experience. Featuring honest truths and hopeful reflections, this celebrity memoir will inspire you to find your own triumphs by embracing what you love.

Fame, friendship, and life under the spotlight. Lush had become Miki’s sanctuary, but life wasn’t all glitz and glamour. With cutthroat competition, a complicated relationship with Emma, and Lush’s tragic end, she shares how she juggled her private life with her new rock band identity. Miki’s life story will captivate you and prompt you to consider this: you, too, can achieve happiness during difficult times. After all, tribulations create the strongest voices.

Inside Fingers Crossed, you’ll also find:

  • What the early indie years of Lush were like
  • Why money doesn’t mean prosperity
  • How Britpop industry pitted female singers and musicians against each other
  • Finding how artists (and everyone else) can find new meanings after saying goodbye

If you love music biographies such as The Woman in Me, My Effin’ Life, or Karma, you’ll love Fingers Crossed.

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