Mommies Reviews / Christmas Gift Guide 2019 Presents Mango Publishing #2
September 14

Mommies Reviews / Christmas Gift Guide 2019 Presents Mango Publishing #2

I was blessed yesterday to be able to share my first sponsor for this years Christmas Gift Guide 2019 Mango Publishing. I’m back with another post fort this years Christmas Gift Guide 2019 Presents Mango Publishing #2.

Mango Publishing had so many wonderful books to share with everyone that I didn’t want to overwhelm you so I have broken the list down into three post.

Journals and Artistic Poetry

u & I by Michael Hall, $18.99

ISBN-13: 978-1633539419

The illustrated poetry of u & i begins with a physical attraction that blossoms into a full-blown love affair. u & i imagines a marriage with that includes world travel, children, and the joy of watching the children grow.

But things don’t go quite as planned. Follow the relationship’s ebb and flow in a series of frank, funny and surprising typographic illustrations; paired with brief text tells the story of attraction, marriage, family, frustration, antagonism, and ultimately, the deep appreciation of a lifelong partner.

u & i offers a comforting and realistic perspective on marriage. It takes you through the ups and downs of a long-term relationship, in a whimsical, raw, and creative way. This is a new kind of poetryView this book on Amazon!

Mysteries and Thrillers

The Book of Extraordinary Amateur Sleuths and Private Eye Stories by Maxim Jakubowski, $19.95

ISBN-13: 978-1642500783

One of the best mystery books of the 21st century, this volume features outstanding new stories of crime, derring-do, fast-paced adventures, and puzzles, featuring hardy amateur detectives ranging from young to old and grizzled private eyes whose patches cover the city streets, all in the hallowed tradition of Sherlock Holmes, Miss Marple, Hercule Poirot, and Philip Marlowe.

Whether the victim was done in at the party uptown or discovered in the other room of a particularly difficult woman or man, these mysteries will have you reading at the edge of your seat. View this book on Amazon!

The Miracle of Saint Lazarusby Uva de Aragon, $15.95

ISBN-13: 978-1642501247

Miami, Florida 1992. A few weeks after Hurricane Andrew wreaks devastation and havoc across South Florida, a father and his infant daughter crash their car into a canal.

The man’s body is recovered, but his baby girl is never found. Twenty-three years later, after reports of alleged sightings of the girl, the case is reopened by police. Detective Maria Duquesne has been assigned to the case, but she has very little in the way of clues.

Is it really possible that the girl has not died? Or is this simply the persistence of a desperate mother who will not accept the death of her daughter? Uva de Aragón provides a multifaceted portrait of the Latino communities of Miami and Hialeah, creating an exciting thriller that will appeal to readers who enjoy mysteries with female sleuths. View this book on Amazon!

The Flaming Sword by Breck England, $18.99

ISBN-13: 978-1633539723

In the beginning, the Lord sent mighty cherubim with a flaming sword to guard the holiest place on earth, the mount of Jerusalem. Now, mysterious conspirators threaten to ignite a world war in the same place, with a “flaming sword” of a different kind.

A threat to this epicenter of three contesting faiths could shake apart the delicate balance of peace and bring down global ruin. In this concluding volume of the Day of Atonement duology, follow Israeli agent Ari and his companion, Interpol agent Maryse, as they race across multiple continents toward the mount of Jerusalem―and a shocking discovery that could mean the end of everything. View this book on Amazon!

Books for Lovers of Movies and Superheroes

Movie Quotes for Special Occasions by James Scheibli, $16.95

ISBN-13: 978-1642500769

Movie quotes have become an integral part of expression. But the movie quotes that often show up on “best of” lists rarely lend themselves to important moments in life.

How many times can you say “May the Force be with you”? Here’s where cinephile and true movie buff James Scheibli comes in. He has scoured the movie houses of the world to track down the most fitting and fabulous movie quotes for every major occasion.

From speeches to graduations to birthdays to wedding toasts to golden anniversaries, film scholar James Scheibli has found cinematic quotes that are moving, memorable, inspirational and deeply meaningful. View this book on Amazon!

Why We Love Star Warsby Ken Napzok, $18.99

ISBN-13: 978-1642500004

What began as one movie about good people, evil oppressors, and the space wizards that stood between them has exploded into a franchise. The moments that continue to inspire are on screen and in the pages of novels.

They are found in the panels of comic books and among animated sequences on television. These moments continue to grow in stature, importance, and myth through discussions, debates, and daydreams.

Spread the love to old fans and new with Why We Love Star Wars. Millions have been inspired by these classic and epic tales. Rediscover your favorite Star Wars moments and share them with your fellow movie fans—old and new alike. View this book on Amazon!

Super Soldiersby Jason Inman, $16.99

ISBN-13: 978-1633539945

Veteran and author Jason Inman rediscovered his childhood love of comic books during long days at the Tallil Air Base in southern Iraq. Reading them now, he couldn’t help but ask why so many comic books are filled with service members.

He wondered what kinds of soldiers these fictional characters were. How were they changed by war? Super Soldiers looks at the intersection between war and pop culture to understand these questions and more.

Each chapter revisits military comic book characters and compares them to personal stories from Inman’s military career. He describes superhero soldiers from DC comics and Marvel comics, including lesser-known characters lost to time.

Comic book superheroes have been influenced by the true heroes of our armed forces for decades. Now, you can discover how. View this book on Amazon!

Books for Your Spirit

Zen Bender by Stephanie Krikorian, $16.95

When the recession turned her life upside down, Stephanie Krikorian had to reinvent her life—and fast. She started ghostwriting self-help books for women. Between writing and researching, she realized that everywhere she looked, there was AFOG: Another Freaking Opportunity for Growth.

Soon she wasn’t just writing each book; she was living them. This was the start of a ten-year zen bender of dieting, dating, journaling, meditating, and Marie-Kondo-ing on a quest for that ultimate self-help high.

But on the brink of turning fifty, she realized that being better wasn’t what she craved; it was something else altogether. Zen Bender is the story of one woman’s journey to radical acceptance.

A witty, moving, insightful story, the woman behind bestselling celebrity self-help books shares her journey through being hooked on the self-help fix for a decade before learning that all the self-help in the world won’t help you trust gut. View this book on Amazon!

Your Life is Your Prayer by BJ Gallagher and Sam Beasley, $16.99

ISBN-13: 978-1633539709


You may not realize it, but the decisions you make throughout the day, the conversations you have, and the thoughts you think are all prayers.

The food you choose to eat is a prayer, the way you spend your money is a prayer―even the way you drive is a prayer! We are constantly communing with the Divine, even in our most mundane activities.

And the Universe will give you what you’re praying for. If you’re worrying, “I don’t have enough money,” the Universe will say ‘Yes, you don’t have enough money.’

If you’re constantly lamenting, “I don’t have a significant other in my life,” the Universe will respond, ‘Yes, you don’t have a significant other.’ If you frequently complain, “I’m fat,” the Universe will answer, ‘Yes, you’re fat.’

If you want something different in your life, you must pray a different prayer. Your Life is Your Prayer will show you how to do just that. View this book on Amazon!

The Woman’s Book of Prayer by Becca Anderson, $16.99 ISBN-13: 978-1633537774
We are constantly communing with the Divine throughout our daily lives―even in the most ordinary activities. Sitting in silence, walking in meditation, and talking to God are all forms of prayer.

The Woman’s Book of Prayer will show you all the ways you can pray, so you can find the methods that work for you. Comprised of mindfulness meditations, prayer practices and selections of sacred texts, poems and blessings,

The Woman’s Book of Prayer gathers words of encouragement, comfort and sustenance for women. By carefully and consciously choosing affirming thoughts and deliberately looking for blessings at every opportunity, you can create a new life for yourself. View this book on Amazon!

Thank you,

Glenda, Charlie and David Cates





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