Demonstrating Your Interest
February 08

Demonstrating Your Interest


If you’re interested in a school, it’s important to demonstrate your interest. Although not as important as grades and test scores, “demonstrated interest” is still a factor in the admissions process at many schools. Demonstrated interest is one way a school can gauge how serious an applicant is in attending and they do take note and keep track of such interest. 

There are many ways you can show your interest in attending a specific college or university. Express your enthusiasm about a school by visiting the campus and signing up to participate in an info session and campus tour. You can also take part in a virtual tour and info session and make the effort to meet a rep at a college fair or a high school visit. It’s a good idea to follow up if you have been asked to provide any information or if you have any questions and to write thank you notes after interviews and meetings.

In recent years, an additional way schools keep track of students’ interest is by using technology to monitor a variety of things including how promptly students are opening emails, signing up for interviews, how long they’re spending on school websites and even at what point in high school they began looking on their site. With this in mind, express your curiosity and interest at any time in high school when you’re researching and visiting schools.