Karen Anderson in person book launch!
August 15

Karen Anderson in person book launch!

What is your relationship to shame? How can you overcome it and live an intentional life of vulnerability? You Are Not Your Mother guides readers on how to see shame, and live separately from it. 

Shift away from shame and turn to radical forgiveness. Grow your internal self acceptance and resilience with this guide for women. Packed with meditative prompts to help you explore your relationship to shame. You are Not Your Mother caters to your inner desires to be seen, heard, and known. The toxic generational trauma and unhealthy relationships stop with you!

Explore your personal roots to shame with an expert. As a top authority on recovering from growing up in toxic families, Karen C.L. Anderson walks you through her shame story, her relationship with her narcissistic mother, and the simple practices she has developed to alleviate guilt from unhealthy relationships. Author of bestselling Difficult Mothers, Adult Daughters with over 150,000 copies sold, Karen offers tools to process, understand and move beyond childhood trauma so you can not only survive, but thrive.

About the Author:

Karen C.L. Anderson is an author, storyteller, and advice columnist who believes that the truth never creates suffering and that all stories can be told through the lens of truth. She consciously chooses to live her life as an experiment and to view the world through the lens of curiosity and fascination. Her previous book, The Peaceful Daughter’s Guide to Separating From A Difficult Mother, is an international bestseller, having sold over 130,000 copies. Her work comes from a desire to continue to explore, understand, heal, and make whole her own maternal lineage and to help other women do the same. She lives in Southeastern Connecticut.


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