Toast Fried Blog / A Bright Clean Mind
September 12

Toast Fried Blog / A Bright Clean Mind

We're excited to share that 4 out 15 books on Toast Fried's Innovative Vegan Books for Beginners 2019, were Mango publications! Congrats to Camille DeAngelis (A Bright Clean Mind), Alice Mary Alvrez (Plant-Powered Cooking and Vegans Save the World) and Nicolette Richer (Eat Real to Heal)!

A Bright Clean Mind

A Bright Clean Mind will be a breezy yet substantial read that lends itself to “dipping back in,” a paperback original with a 5.5” x 8.5” trim size for portability (and gift-ability!) The readership is much the same as well: creative people who want to evolve out of the anxiety and frustration that have characterized so much of their artistic process up to now. A Bright Clean Mind will be primarily for “veg-curious” creatives—artists and entrepreneurs who have heard a plant-based diet is better for their health, but haven’t yet made the connections between diet, empathy for non-human animals, and creative output—though it will also appeal to readers who are already moving toward a more compassionate lifestyle, as well as vegans seeking creative inspiration. Now that the older members of Generation Z (no doubt the most politically-engaged generation since the 1960s) are purchasing their own food, plant protein and non-dairy products will eventually dominate the market—and these young vegans (and “vegan-ish”) will reach for books on creativity and culture that reflect their values. As veganism goes truly mainstream, artists and entrepreneurs of older generations who routinely experience anxiety, frustration, and other corrosive emotions will be ever more receptive to A Bright Clean Mind's message, too.