Superior Self with KJ Landis/ Jack of All Trades
March 11

Superior Self with KJ Landis/ Jack of All Trades

Giving myself the joy of curiosity in all things health related, I have become immersed in research. For the past 8 years, since I lost 50 pounds, I have been focused on keeping the weight off, and also focused upon helping myself heal from arthritis. The holistic approach has led me to deep dives in the health benefits and history of various superfoods like garlic, ginger. CBD, coffee, chocolate, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free, dairy free subjects (just to name a few items of interest). Of couse, being a natural teacher, I could not bear to keep all of the good news to myself! So I coached others towards their superior selves. I also began teaching youth and senior groupd privately, as well as library patrons and transportation workers here in the Bay Area.

Folks may claim that I am a jack of all trades, yet a master of none. I claim that humans are multifaceted beings with many interests. Lucky  for me I am carving out my path in the wellness and prevention areas of health! So I take the title proudly. My cousin Suzie told me that if we focus on one area of research and practice for 7 years we are considered to be experts in that arena. I have exceeded the 7 years by many. I am an expert in the wellness world! Let me know how I may be of help to you. Thank you for the support and trust.

KJ Landis