Superior Self with KJ Landis / How to Stress Less in a Jiffy
November 27

Superior Self with KJ Landis / How to Stress Less in a Jiffy

As busy and modern people who take on too much on a daily basis, we need to stress less, and sometimes we do not want to wait for the bath, glass of wine, or yoga class to do so. So, how do we stress less in an easy or fast way?

Here are some easy tips I use with my coaching clients as well as using them myself.

1. Slow down the breathing intentionally, by exhaling 4 seconds longer than the inhalation. This slows down the heart rate and reduced blood pressure immediately. When I feel overwhelmed with anxiety from a busy day or I am pushing my workout to the edge, I bring myself back to my normal self in just a few minutes.

2. Watch fish in an aquarium or on the screen. There is something so relaxing and calming to watch water creatures do their thing. They are reminders that we all are just doing what we can do right now and right here. There is reality, and then there is our reaction to reality. I have an inexpensive fresh water aquarium at home which revitalizes me and makes me peaceful and happy in just a few minutes a day.

I hope these tips help you, dear readers!
KJ Landis








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