Superior Self with KJ Landis /  An Attitude of Gratitude Yields Results
July 23

Superior Self with KJ Landis / An Attitude of Gratitude Yields Results

One of my tribe asked me how an attitude of gratitude relates to choices resulting in healthy eating.

The community I work with in wellness workshops are mostly seniors, from age 62-88! I teach folks how to make fermented foods, the secret names for sugar in ingredient lists, and how to enjoy healthy fats without guilt. I teach which foods are nutrient dense and how to shift into a healthy choice from a less healthy one. 

We begin each class with the Negative Thought Pot. This is a ceramic planter where we scroll up tiny pieces of paper with written fears or self deprecating thoughts. We set the scrolls of paper on fire in the pot. Then we can say to ourselves the next time that thought comes into our head,  “I destroyed you. You no longer have power over me. “

This physical act of ridding the negative thoughts actually allows a place of positive thoughts to bloom. No matter what the workshop subject of the month is, people are more open to listening to the new ideas in healthy lifestyles and eating after participating in the Negative Thought Pot activity. 

Before I implemented the Negative Thought Pot into my workshops, folks were more critical and challenging to changing their eating styles. With a silent or out loud feeling of thank yous to the world and its creatures, we can feel peaceful and blessed before we even begin the day. Try a morning with "thank you" as the first sentence you think. See what opens up for you in your life.

Nowadays folks come up to me and tell me afterwards how grateful they are for it and use their own style of the Negative Thought Pot at home. It is a subtle way of learning how to have a feeling in harmony and flow with oneself through the day. It does bring a sense of gratitude. And that has helped my community in the long run eat better through small changes and challenging their own self doubts. 

I hope this helps you, dear readers.
KJ Landis 

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