Superior Self/  Staycation, Anybody?
October 10

Superior Self/ Staycation, Anybody?

With the pressures of inflation, our vacations may end up being staycations. Hey, it's not so bad. We rarely have the time or energy to discover recently opened stores and restaurants in our home town, and sometimes we miss cultural events we would love to participate in if we weren't so busy being busy!

As a life and wellness coach who lives in the most expensive city in the USA, my clients sometimes have told me that they just want to relax and enjoy San Francisco instead of traveling for their time off during vacation. I understand completely. As a person who has had staycations myself,  I feel like exploring the hidden gems in my own home town can be fulfilling. It creates within me a new respect, pride, and admiration for the space I choose to live in. Staycations can bring a sense of fun, play, and adventure to one’s life. My kids and I used to play Mama Camp in the summers, treating my days and days off as a camp for locals who want to play and learn. I would seek out camp field trips on line and then copy the agenda for fun activities, bringing the whole family and a few kiddie friends too. Magical memories were made that I certainly remember and I hope shaped my children's lives for the better.
And then, when family and friends come into town, there are some unique experience worth sharing that aren’t on the general tourist radar! 
KJ Landis
-Author and Creator of the Superior Self series 
-Nutrition Educator