Superior Self/ Heirloom Veggies
January 12

Superior Self/ Heirloom Veggies

In the summer we see heirloom tomatoes at the store. Sometimes we see them at the farmers’ market. The colors and shapes may be very different than the traditional shiny red tomato at the big box stores. Usually heirloom vegetables mean that they are ancient species of the original vegetable that have not been hybridized or genetically modified to be perfect and resist pesticides. Usually they are organic. I see heirloom plums, apples, carrots, and squash quite often at inexpensive stores, even at Trader Joe’s. The colors of the carrots may be yellow, white, blue or purple, even! Originally most carrots were purple, but they did not look attractive so it was hard for the farmers to feed humans with them, but the horses loved them anyways. 

I’ve seen purple tomatoes too. The darker purple the fruits and vegetables, the more antioxidant properties and rich bioflavonoids they have inside of them. That makes them more healthy for us humans too.

Prepare the heirloom produce as you would any other type. Enjoy with healthy fats like raw, grass fed butter and extra virgin olive oil to have the highest absorption rate.

I hope this helps!
KJ Landis 
-Author and Creator of the Superior Self series
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