Superior Self/ Best Tips for the Home Weight Loss Program
June 23

Superior Self/ Best Tips for the Home Weight Loss Program

KJ Landis, author of Happy Healthy You, shares weight loss tips for at home on her blog, Superior Self!


What if you do not have the time or money for a gym membership or personal trainer when trying to lose weight? What if a nutritionist is out of the question as well? What home tips can we give for supporting you during a health and wellness journey? I think I can help you with your journey towards your superior self, especially about losing weight at home.

What's the best home gym equipment for losing weight?

I think a good pair of supportive athletic shoes are the best equipment. The shoes that make you happy and comfortable will provide motivation. They will help one get out of the house and walk up hill for cardio efforts and resistance training built in.

I also think a non slip yoga mat is a great piece of equipment for the home. One can do body weight exercises, Pilates, yoga, HIIT or Tabata exercises, and not injure oneself while the sweat is making one burn extra calories and give energy as well.

The third thing that’s helpful for the home weight loss journey is a small journal to keep a food log of intake. Handwriting what one eats is more powerful than electronic logging. I think the mind-body connection of writing down things helps with the personal evaluation and progress.

What are some easy and fast weight loss recipes?

Soups are key to weight loss strategies, either homemade or canned, as long as they have a lot of water contents and low sodium content. Add lots of spices and herbs for flavor.

Raw veggies are another fantastic weight loss tool to utilize. Salads and veggie platters with a low-fat dip will fill up the stomach and provide lots of needed fiber for elimination.

I hope I have helped you, dear readers.


KJ Landis

-Author and Creator of the Superior Self series


-Nutrition Educator


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