Looking for Quarentainment?
May 20

Looking for Quarentainment?

I don't know about you, but almost every one of my family Zoom calls ends with someone asking "What are you reading?" and "What are you watching?" We're all hungry for interesting, well-told stories. Luckily, we've got some new books out today which can keep you supplied with chit-chat for the next few weeks of Zooms!
Looking for something to uplift you? Glad to Be Human is a poetic collection of essays on the best of humanity from Irene O'Garden, who celebrates small daily adventures to journeys overseas and underground. Looking for true fiction? The novel A Clean Heart brings you into the world of Carter Kirchner as he struggles to stay sane and sober as a counselor at an adolescent drug treatment center run by a hard-drinking nun with an MBA.Have a true crime itch? May I suggest America's First Female Serial Killer? The story of "Jolly Jane," the nurse in 19th century Massachusetts who killed many of her patients, will fascinate you to its last page. Looking for shorter snippets of fascinating facts? We've got you covered with We Did That? an entertaining collection of the oddest, most cringe-worthy parts of human history.
Remember to keep taking care of yourself (and read when you get the chance).
 Glad to Be   Human
Adventures in Optimism
 By Irene O'Garden
 ISBN: 978-1-  64250-246-6
 $16.95 - paperback
Discover her strategy for 30-second blessings here!
America's First Female Serial Killer
Jane Toppan and the Making of a Monster
By Mary Kay McBrayer
 ISBN: 978-1-64250-207-7  $18.95 - paperback
Check out her podcast Everything Trying to Kill You here!
 A Clean Heart
A Novel
 By John Rosengren
 ISBN: 978-1- 64250-192-6
 $18.95 -  paperback
Learn more about John here!
We Did That?
Human Bloopers, Secret Histories, Medical Mysteries, Strange Superstitions, and Other Curiosities from Our Past
By Sophie Stirling
ISBN: 978-1-64250-201-5 $18.95 - hardcover
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