Don't Let the Coronavirus Ruin Your Day / Allen Klein
March 20

Don't Let the Coronavirus Ruin Your Day / Allen Klein

You may not realize it right now, but you have the power to not let anyone or anything get you down, and that includes the Coronavirus.

            There are many things you can do to take back your power and be less stressed about this pandemic, or anything else going on in your life right now. Below are three of them.






There is a classic story of two salesmen who were sent to a far-off country where no one wore shoes. 


            One sent back an email to his company stating, “Don’t send any more shoes. No one wears any.”


            The second salesman’s message was very different, “Send all the shoes you can. No one here has any.”


            Both men experienced the same situation, but each had a different reaction. So it is not the event that can ruin your day, it is how you react to it. Things are the way they are. You are the ones that give them meaning.


            To begin to turn your fearful thoughts around, ask yourself:


                        -Does being upset serve me?


                        -Does being upset or fearful contribute to my well-being?

                        -Does being fearful bring more or less joy in my life?

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