Advice Sisters / Book Review Winter 2019
February 19

Advice Sisters / Book Review Winter 2019

I was looking for a feel-good, inspirational book, and I found it in Great Second Acts:In Praise of Older Women by Marlene Wagman-Geller (Mango Publishing, 2018).

This book is fuil of fascinating stories of women who rose above, and who had glorious second acts in their lives. Some of these women you will recognize, such as artist Grandma Moses or entertainer Rita Moreno).

Others will surprise you as they’ve all done extraordinary things past the date when women are considered “young & fresh.”

The book is well written and highly entertaining, but it comes with a message: In a society where ageism is rampant, we need to rethink how we view more mature women because they are capable of greatness..

This book will delight women over 50 looking for inspiration, and younger women who might be lucky enough to be in the second “Second Acts” book someday.

I highly recommend it.