Money Hacks Handbook
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Pages   137
ISBN-13  978-1-63353-117-8

Money Hacks Handbook

How to Take Control of your Money and Not Go Broke

Life is expensive. Rent. School. Gas. Dates. Breakfast. Alcohol. It just seems like all the best parts of life come with a price tag. Well, not anymore! Sort of. While things will always cost money, there is a way to make it work for you. Money Hacks Handbook will solve all your worries about budgeting, investing, and all things money management. This is the definitive book when it comes to our fiscal needs. Overflowing with how-to illustrations, infographics and heavily researched insight on everything that requires a credit card, Money Hacks Handbook will make it so you never have to worry about being evicted again.

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Forbes calls David Carlson’s personal finance blog Young Adult Money “a must read for millennials.” Hustle Away Debt, Carlson’s new book, gives millennials drowning in debt – student and otherwise – a lifeline. Carlson details his secrets to getting out of debt through the concept of “side hustles.” He shows how side hustles can help you develop new sources of income that allow you to pay off debt faster. He also shows how this can lead you to explore new fields you might not have otherwise worked in and how you can pick up useful skills for your full-time job – all while developing your earning potential to the fullest.

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Zero Down Your Debt


Getting into debt is a piece of cake, but getting out? That’s the hard part. Fortunately, award-winning authors Holly Porter Johnson and Greg Johnson offer actionable tips and advice on doing exactly that with their new book, Zero Down Your Debt. With just a pen and a piece of paper in your arsenal, you’ll learn how to implement a zero-sum budget and become debt-free – once and for all. All you need is the know-how, some willpower, and a positive attitude to transform your financial situation. Let Holly and Greg Johnson show you how.

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Mission Entrepreneur


Career military? Leaving the military for civilian life? Either way, you can leverage your experience into some great new business startup ideas. 

Military spouses can face serious challenges when trying to develop a career while part of the military life, or equally serious challenges when they transition to civilian life. But, help is on the way in Mission Entrepreneur: Applying Lessons from Military Life to Create Great Startup Ideas!

Finding startup ideas that can make you a business success: Are you trying to find your niche in our modern world of underemployment and the self-employed, where many are looking for great startup ideas and the opportunity to build wealth and find happiness and fulfillment? Some of the best startup ideas are yet to be discovered and Mission Entrepreneur will guide you through Jen E. Griswold's journey toward realizing her personal dream of becoming one of the successful women entrepreneurs. Experiencing underemployment as a military spouse, she learns how to turn her military experience into business success.

The underemployment problem: Being a military spouse comes with sacrifices. Spouses give up college degrees, careers and put other plans on hold due to military relocations. The country feels the effects. Reports show that 90% of female spouses face underemployment and countless income tax dollars are lost. As both a spouse and veteran for 20 years, Jen E. Griswold witnessed many spouses trying to keep a career going through their first few assignments. After multiple failed attempts and the addition of kids, they often gave up, deciding their efforts were futile. Their confidence waned and they began to question their self-worth.

Women entrepreneurs: Ironically, these same people have the perfect set of skills needed to become successful women entrepreneurs: work ethic, vision, passion, and resilience. These are the exact same skills that have helped them endure a life of sacrifice in the military. But, in most cases, they have given up on their own personal big visions to change the world. Using a lifetime of experience, military trained veterans entering the job force know how to manage the bumpy journey to becoming men and women entrepreneurs and finding those great startup ideas.

Mission Entrepreneur: From her extensive training in the Air Force and experience coaching women over the past several years, Griswold discovered that by giving back to her military community, she could change the world a little bit every day. America needs more men and women entrepreneurs who pay it forward and here is where we’ll start. Welcome to Mission Entrepreneur.

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7 Habitudes des Ados


Avec plus de cinq millions d'exemplaires en version imprimée autour du monde, Les 7 Habitudes des Adolescents très Efficaces est le guide ultime de succès chez les adolescentes mise à jour pour l'ère numérique. 

Imaginez que vous ayez un plan, un guide étape par étape pour vous aider à obtenir d'où vous êtes maintenant, à l'endroit où vous voulez être dans l'avenir. Vos objectifs, vos rêves, vos plans ... ils sont tous à portée de main. Vous avez juste besoin des outils pour vous aider à y arriver. 

Voilà ce que le livre de référence de Sean Covey, Les 7 Habitudes des Adolescents très Efficaces, a été de millions d'adolescents: un guide à l'estime de soi et la réussite. Maintenant mis à jour pour l'ère numérique, ce livre classique applique les principes intemporels des 7 habitudes des questions difficiles et des décisions qui changent la vie faire face les adolescents. Dans un style divertissant, Covey fournit une approche simple pour aider les adolescents améliorer l'image de soi, se lient d'amitié, résister à la pression des pairs, atteindre leurs objectifs, et d'obtenir ainsi que leurs parents, ainsi que de relever les nouveaux défis de notre temps, comme la cyberintimidation et média sociaux. En outre, ce livre est rempli de dessins animés, des idées intelligentes, grandes citations et des histoires incroyables sur de vrais adolescents de partout du monde. 

Un livre indispensable pour les adolescents, ainsi que les parents, les professeurs, les conseillers, ou tout adulte qui travaille avec les adolescents, Les 7 Habitudes des Adolescents très Efficaces est devenu le dernier mot sur survivre et prospérer à l'adolescence et au-delà. 

"Si Les 7 Habitudes des Adolescents très Efficaces ne vous aide pas, alors vous devez avoir une vie parfaite." - Jordan McLaughlin, age 17 ans

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