Mango is Changing Book Publishing

We are book geeks and data nerds. We love our authors. We savor great design. We are diverse and international and are always looking for other book geeks, fine designers and marketing whiz kids for our team in Miami.

If Mango seems right for you, please send us a mail at


Most Mango Author partners are invited or referred by other Authors, but we are always looking for social authors with fresh voices and strong messages that have captivated dedicated followings.

Mango focuses on new ideas and interests in nonfiction ranging from inspiration, history, and pop culture to self-help, business, and mind, body and spirit. Mango publishes every book with the same goal in mind, to start a conversation and broaden horizons.

Interested in becoming a Mango Author Partner?

Please send us a proposal including:

  • A working title and subtitle
  • A brief description, including your mission for the book
  • A table of contents or outline
  • A sample chapter
  • A list of several comparative titles
  • Target audience
  • An author biography and contact information
  • Social media/blog handles and numbers

Please send all submissions by email to Our editors will review the proposal and be in touch with you shortly. Thank you in advance!