Your Magical Home/ Witch Crafts: Light My Fire DIY Massage Candles
June 19

Your Magical Home/ Witch Crafts: Light My Fire DIY Massage Candles

Making massage candles is very similar to making any other type of potted candle  I recommend using soy wax as it is soooo gentle on the skin . Soy was is also nice and soft so it melts easily and stays together in a puddle after melting and can be reused for us thrifty crafters. If you have an allergy to soy and it won't irritate your skin unless you have a soy allergy, you can use beeswax instead which is so widely used. (For example, it is in nearly every single Burt’s Bees product.)  It is the addition of the additional oils and prevents it from hardening again and also enables your skin to absorb it.  Essential oils or cosmetic-grade fragrance oils are also added to create a soothing atmosphere. All soap-making fragrances that are also soy candle safe are perfect choices for scenting your massage candles. Try the basic directions below to make your first candle. For every three ounces of wax, you'll add one ounce of liquid oil, and one-quarter ounce of fragrance. I suggest making two candles in 4 ounce metal tins while you master this craft.

You will need these elements:


·        2 ounces sweet almond oil or vitamin E oil
·        6 ounces High quality soy wax
·        Half an ounce essential oil
·        2 4 ounce metal tins
·        2  6-inch candle wicks
1.     Melt the soy wax and oil in a double boiler over simmering water.
2.     Add the essential oils and stir gently to avoid bubbling or spilling,
3.     Once the wax has cooled somewhat but is still melted enough to pour, place the wicks in your containers and pour the wax.
4.     Allow several hours for the candles to set and harden
5.     Trim the wicks to one quarter of an inch above the top of the candle, and they're ready to use.
Sensual Scents for Massage Candles:
Traditionally, these oils are considered to have aphrodisiac properties and simple smell wonderful on your skin and in your home. Just burning the candles will be magical!

Amber            Cedarwood

Clary sage      Jasmine

Neroli             Patchouli

Rose                Sandalwood

Vanilla            Vetiver

Ylang ylang    Cinnamon