Your Magical Home / Warming Brew
February 03

Your Magical Home / Warming Brew

With an arctic freeze coming, we need to stay warm. This drink will do it!

Here is a delightfully easy recipe that will produce a flavorful homemade liqueur that smells as good as it tastes.  If you are interested in making a hassle-free bottle of spirits apples are a wonderful way to start.  Start with these ingredients:
4 Apples, sweet ones, not sour
2 cups Brandy
2 cups Vodka
1 quart clean and sterilized Mason jar
 First, clean, core and slice your apples Place the slices in a Mason canning jar. Pour in the alcohol to cover, using equal parts brandy and vodka. Put the jar in a cool dark place in your pantry. Allow the infusion process to happen for month or until it is to your tastes. The combination of sweet apples and brandy gave a luscious fruit-forward flavor, with no need for sugar.  After infusing, strain the apple slices out using a strainer to filter the liqueur. Pour the spirits into a pretty and sealable bottle and enjoy at your next pagan party.
Bonus tip: apples can really be used with any spirit so let your imagination run wild!
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