Your Magical Home/  This Crystal Can Help Deal With the Patriarchy
November 07

Your Magical Home/ This Crystal Can Help Deal With the Patriarchy

Cuprite does more than just look pretty; it can help fight the patriarchy!
Here is a mineral crystal formed from copper ore. Cuprite can have needle-like crystals of a brilliant red, a true red, inside a nearly black crystal. Cuprite has a spectacular sparkle. It is found most frequently in France, Russia, North America, Germany, Britain, and Australia. In the same way that copper has wonderful health benefits, so does cuprite, helping with concerns in the heart, blood, skin, muscles, and bones. Cuprite stimulates the lower chakra. It is a handy stone to take along on air flights, as it can treat altitude sickness. It also furthers the functions of the bladder and kidneys.
Cuprite has another feature not found in other stones—it can help one deal with male authority figures. This may come, in part, from cuprite’s revelatory power to connect with your past lives. If you have father issues you need to overcome, I strongly suggest this stone. The unusual magic it offers is also good for dealing with male coworkers and bosses. Or even elected officials that seem to do all they can to keep power in their own hands and way from women and minorities. Curprite is a power stone for everyone except the patriarchy!