Your Magical Home / Presentation Pendulums and Career Crystals
January 26

Your Magical Home / Presentation Pendulums and Career Crystals

We all need a boost now and again at work; especially with big moments when you need to shine. 
If you are a creative person getting ready to present your work to the world, you can wear a talisman of your own making to ensure a positive outcome. Many performers, artists, musicians, and other inspired folks have lucky pieces of clothing or some other token that gives them courage to put themselves forth in the best possible manner. Crystal and gem magic is perfect for creating your own success in this sort of endeavor. Put a talismanic power stone in your pocket or purse and you will have an aura of achievement all around you. When choosing your talisman, keep these pointers in mind:
Red stones, such as garnet, ruby, carnelian, red jasper, and jade, are excellent for attracting positive attention, such as publicity for your recital or poetry reading. For a speech, a performance, a presentation, or a show or your art, wear red jewelry.
Green stones, such as emerald and peridot, are wonderful for realizing your potential for wealth and successful new projects. If you are preparing for a possibly lucrative deal of your creative output—pitching a book or an art opening—you must wear green jewelry.
Blue stones, such as turquoise, topaz, lapis lazuli, and sapphire, help you to see clearly and without obstruction. If you are trying to empower someone to see and share your creative vision, blue gems are right for you.
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