Your Magical Home/ Magical Jewelry: Crystals to Enhance Your Energy
December 17

Your Magical Home/ Magical Jewelry: Crystals to Enhance Your Energy

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Magical Jewelry: Crystals to Enhance Your Energy


A marvelous way to take full advantage of the power of your crystals is to wear them in jewelry.
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Even better, you can make the jewelry you own magical by charging it—imbuing it with intention and purpose and power. Also, you can craft your own magical jewelry, which is perhaps the most powerful option of all because you hold your desires in mind as you put your enchantments together step by step and gem by gem.
As you wear a gem, you’re not only decorating yourself but also experiencing its interaction with your energy systems. A large portion of my book, The Magic of Crystals and Gems, is devoted to explaining the energies of each of the major crystals and gems along with some of the rarer rocks, so you must read through the descriptionary part to determine which stones are best for you. Not all will be, by any means, and some will conflict with your personal energy, as I also point out herein. Give a lot of thought about what constructive changes you wish to see in your life or what good qualities you want to develop further in yourself.
For example, I need to put my house in order. It has gotten a bit messy, cluttered and out of control. For decluttering,  I will get lovely lazulite. Also, some family health issues caused  lots of stress all around which will be helped by the grounding, soothing and stabilizing effects of this stone. Lots of doctor bills indicate a need to get more prosperity-minded and a chunk of pyrite, citrine or green jade will do nicely, I have found myself gravitating toward pyrite of late, Often, this might be your subconscious giving you a gentle nudge about some growing you need to do. Listen to those inner voices, and you will reap the benefits again and again. When you are attracted to certain crystals in jewelry, take note as you might be receiving guidance. Take heed!