Your Magical Home / Lavender Love Moonday Spell
November 13

Your Magical Home / Lavender Love Moonday Spell

To prepare for the week, you must first establish a self-care zone filled with loving energy not only toward yourself but others in your life. You only have room for the very best energy, so banish anything that can get in the way of the flow of positive energy. Try this herbal energy magic:

Steep lavender in hot water. Once the infusion has cooled to room temperature, dip your fingertips in the herbal tincture and anoint your temples and base of your throat, then sprinkle tiny droplets in your bedroom while intoning:

All is love and love is all

All is new here now, I say. 

Make way, be gone, goodbye

All here is new, say I. 

So mote it be!

Use the remainder of the lavender infusion to wash your front steps or stoop, the entry to your home, thereby clearing and cleansing the threshold of your home.

You will notice that every time you enter your home, it feels lighter and brighter thanks to the energetic de-cluttering.
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