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December 22

Your Magical Home/ Kiss My Ring: 24/7 Crystal Power

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Kiss My Ring: 24/7 Crystal Power

Rings mean eternity, unity, reincarnation, safety, union, power, and energy. Rings symbolize the eternity of the circle shape – the universe.
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Wearing rings was believed to help ward off any kind of malevolence through continuity – nothing could “get in.”  A ring “binds” you with the energy of the stone.  In dream psychology, a ring represents the desire for reconciliation of the different parts of your being and personality – it shows you want to be an integrated whole, which is the first step in making it happen.
When wearing rings, be sure the bottom side of the stone is open, in other words, not set in metal, to give greater connection between the stone and your skin.  As a general rule, you should wear gems that awaken and release emotions on your left hand and that power career and personal goals on your right hand.
-Amazonite makes you hopeful.
-Amber boosts your spirits—you will feel good!
-Aventurine creates good opportunities.
-Banded agate attracts a lover of strength and courage.
-Brown jasper makes you confident and emotionally secure.
-Opal enhances beauty and makes you more psychic.
-Pearl augments femininity.
-Citrine for a better ability to communicate,

-Lace agate for happiness with your job,
-Lapis lazuli for mental brilliance,
-Moonstone for self-love and self-expression,
-Red coral for good health and physical strength,
-Rose quartz or opal to make you appealing to others, and
-Turquoise for calmness and protection from the earth.
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