Your Magical Home/ Candle Magic: Intention Spell
October 05

Your Magical Home/ Candle Magic: Intention Spell

A lot of people are really fired up right now and rightly so as these are intense times. One way to literally fire up your passion and purpose is with an intention candle spell where you can get as specific as you need to. Use your words and spell out your wish to your deity of choice. 




Essential elements for this ritual are one candle of your favorite color, a candle holder, copal or cinnamon essential oil to represent spirituality, paper and pen, a ritual knife, and any visual aids you may require, such as photos, tarot cards, or a drawing of a deity you have made or found specifically for this ritual. Carefully select a representation of a deity with whom you feel a connection or who you believe will be benevolent toward your intention.



The “body” of the ritual refers to the act itself. It will further your intention if you carve related symbols and power words into your candle with the tip of your knife. Anoint the candle with the essential oil you have chosen. Dressing the candle from top to bottom adds the influence of attraction to your spell. Conversely, dressing the oil in the opposite direction, bottom to top, adds banishing power to your spell.



Write your intention on the paper and then speak aloud:


Thus I consecrate this candle in the name of [insert name of the deity here],


So this flame will burn brightly and light my way.



Place the anointed candle in the candleholder, light it, and say:



Blessed candle, light of the Goddess,


I burn this light of [deity’s name].


Hear my prayer, O [name the deity], hear my need.


Do so with all your grace,


And magical speed.



Now read your intention as you wrote it on the paper. Roll the paper into a scroll and, using a few drops of the warm wax from your intention candle, seal your sacred statement. Place the paper on your altar or in a special place where it can be safe until your intention is realized.



Allow the candle to burn down completely in order to truly raise and release energy. It can be useful to use small candles or tea lights for spells that require candles to burn out completely so you’re not left sitting there for several hours. Once you have seen your spell come to culmination, burn the written intention in a metal dish or in your fireplace in gratitude to the god or goddess who helped you. While other faiths may pray to God for help and favors, this differs in that you are helping yourself: you are taking action and setting your intention, not simply turning over all responsibility to a higher power.