Your Life is Your Prayer/ Enough: A Treasure Trove of Appreciation
August 07

Your Life is Your Prayer/ Enough: A Treasure Trove of Appreciation

Sam Beasley, author of the inspirational book Your Life is Your Prayer, shares his understanding that you don't always need to be in pursuit of more in this latest blog post!


Sometime back, I asked a group of wealthy people if they could set a wealth goal, achieve it, and stop. To a person, they said “No.” I don’t have evidence that they spoke for all wealthy people. I may have thought I was selecting them randomly, but somehow wasn’t. 

I came away from this with a commitment to set a goal of enough and have it be enough. It wasn’t incredibly hard, but I came to understand why those others said “No.” I envisioned a lifestyle and priced it one component at a time, until I was able to determine how much would be enough. By the time I had enough, I had so enjoyed the process I wanted to keep doing it. I didn’t need more or even want more, but I wanted to be engaged in gaining more. In pursuing enough, the goal changed from enough to let’s do it again!

I wanted the experience of my original commitment and wrote this prayer to become my guide:

“To have a little be enough, Enough to be plenty, Plenty to be abundance, Abundance to be Wealth.

To have enough be enough; To reach Enough and stop; To stop in deep appreciation; To have appreciation be a treasure trove; To find treasure in a little; To have a little be enough.”

You can find more prayers in my newest book, Your Life Is Your Prayer, for purchase here!


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