WitchesAndPagans / Last Waxing Moon of the Decade Spell
December 30

WitchesAndPagans / Last Waxing Moon of the Decade Spell

We are in the last Waxing Moon of the year and actaully, the entire decade. What are you doing to mark this moment in time? As you know, it is the time to sow seeds for what you want in the future and set intentions. It is also an excellent time to set the stage for prosperity in your future. Try this coin conjuring ritual now. 

We all have unexpected expenses that come out of the blue- car repairs, medical bills or helping a loved one in need. I had the latter with my family and had to reach deep into my coffers to heed the call.  When you need to quickly recover financially, this coin spell will fill the bill, literally.

Gather together:

13 coins of different denominations


A green or gold jar with a lid

3 Gold (or yellow) candles

3 yellow or gold-colored crystals such as tiger’s eye, amber, citrine, yellow jade or another favorite of yours

Frankincense or myrrh incense

3 pieces of golden fruit such as yellow apples, oranges or other yellow or gold-colored fruit

On the evening of a new moon or a waxing moon phase when the moon is increasing, make a quickie temporary altar where you pay your bills and handle your money- maybe it is your desk or perhaps,  the kitchen table. Use your athame to create the circle of magic at this soon-to-be sacred space.  Place the candles, incense, crystals and fruit there and arrange them so a crystal, apple and candle are each in a group.  Light your candles and the incense. Take the coins in your hands and pass over the incense smoke. Place the coins in the jar. Now take the crystals in your hand and pass through the smoke, then place in the jar and seal.  Pick up one piece of fruit at a time and touch to your third eye (in the middle of your forehead). Pray aloud:

This offering I make as my blessing to all,

Comfort and earthly gifts upon us shall fall.

Fill my coffers with silver and gold.

In this time of great need,  I will be bold.

For the good of all, young and old.

Fill my coffers with silver and gold.

And so it is.

Extinguish the candles and incense and place on your altar for future use as well as the vessel containing the coins.  When you go to sleep, dream of everyone you love, including yourself, receiving a harvest of material and spiritual wealth.





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