WitchesAndPagans / Hedgewitch Money Magic: Grow Prosperity Herbs
January 13

WitchesAndPagans / Hedgewitch Money Magic: Grow Prosperity Herbs

As a kitchen witch and gardening enthusiast, I am always seeking to learn more about the power of herbs, plants, roots and flowers can be used in the craft. Grow your wealth, literally with these handy herbs:


Allspice berries bring good luck; gather 7 berries and place in a small pouch to carry in your pocket or purse for a week, On the 7th day, burn them with cinnamon incense while making your wish for whatever you want.


Basil is a major herb of abundance as well as love. Drop a few fresh basil leaves on the floor of your kitchen and sweep it out of your home with your magical broom and speak this charm, “Scarcity is out the door; no longer will I be poor. Health and wealth, be here now. Harm to none, so mote it be.”


Cinnamon has come to be called the “Sweet Money Spice” and this delightfully scented herb is a bringer of luck and will make a business more prosperous. Sprinkle a dash of powdered cinnamon on threshold of your front door, store or business and watch the wealth walk in!


Cloves are herbs of good fortune and even help in gambling. They also bring people together and bind them. If you need to turn your luck around, use cloves in spellwork as an herbal element or in incense or potpourri to foment abundance energy.  


Ginger root can speed up any magic You can grind up the dried ginger root into powder and add to your money attraction spells and bring the funds much sooner. Ginger tea brings money your way, briskly!


Nutmeg is another spice beloved by gamesmen and gamblers. Carry a whole nutmeg in your pocket and your luck will improve the same day.


Thyme is a common herb that will attract money to your home. Every  time you cook with it you are drawing abundance and wealth toward you. Drink thyme tea for a quick fortune turnarounds and fast money magic with this spell, “It is time for money to come my way; good luck is mine. Money thyme is mine with blessings for all.”








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