Witches And Pagans/  Soul Tribe: A Ritual for Healing
November 21

Witches And Pagans/ Soul Tribe: A Ritual for Healing

Call your soul tribe together when a loved one is ailing and needs a circle of support It can be at your home or any place that feels safe and secure. I highly recommend creating healing energy at the home of the person who is unwell, as it will create an aura of restoration. Ask each person to bring something to comfort, reassure, and cure the celebrant: soup, healthy snacks, a soothing eye pillow, sleep balm, a hand-knitted scarf for warmth, yummy body lotion with uplifting essential oils, herbal teas, books, or lavender-infused slippers are all wonderful gifts.

Form a circle of care around the celebrant and light candles. Unscented soy candles are probably best for health reasons. As you go around the circle, ask each person to give his or her gift of caring to the celebrant and say what it represents. Here is an example from a recent rite:

 I give you this herbal tea mix so you can sip this healthy brew

 and draw from it healing and heat.

I give you all my love and healing energy

and I know you will soon be healthier than ever before.

And so it is.

the ritual continues until everyone has had a turn to speak and healing gifts and loving energy surround the celebrant. I suggest giving the celebrant hankies beforehand, as I know I could not stop my tears of joy when I was the recipient of this lovely and deeply meaningful gift of rite from my soul tribe.  It is completely up to the celebrant to say or do whatever he or she feels during the ritual. In many cases, they may say nothing due to the intensity of this event. Sharing this kind of love is immensely healing in and of itself. Blessings to you and soul tribe.