Witches And Pagans/  Love in Liquid Form: Spiced Liqueur
November 26

Witches And Pagans/ Love in Liquid Form: Spiced Liqueur

As winter grows near, warming toddies and drinks are the order of the day, especially after a being out in the cold for hours or at the end of feast This popular beverage gives an abundance of energy and can also be used as a love potion. These few ingredients can lead to many hours of happiness at the table or in your love life. Gather these ingredients:

1 cup vodka

2 whole cloves

1 teaspoon ground coriander seed

1 cinnamon stick

1 cup simple sugar syrup

Pour the vodka into a bowl and add in the herbs; cover and place in cupboard for two weeks. Strain and filter until the result is clear liquid. Clean the canning jar and dry it thoroughly and put the clear liquid back in. Add the simple syrup and place back on the shelf for a week. Store this in a dark-colored bottle that seals; you now have liquid love! You can drink it “neat” on its own or add this to hot chocolate, water, tea or milk for a delightful drink to share with your loved one.