WitchAndPagans / Witch Craft; DIY Enchanted Amulets
October 08

WitchAndPagans / Witch Craft; DIY Enchanted Amulets

Rarely will you see an unjeweled pagan, even if it one single rings or pendant.  Know full well that jewelry can be used as defense.   take it one step further by Witches knowing the meaning, power, and properties of each stone and metal and wielding that energy for the good of others and themselves. The term amulet comes from the Latin word meaning “defense.”  Indeed, amulets are a way to protect yourself that dates from the earliest human beliefs.  .  Evil eyes might be the most global of all amulets, as they are believed to ward off a hex by simply reflecting it back to its origins.  Some amulets were devoted to a specific god or goddess, offering that deity’s sheltering protection.

You can make a powerful protective amulet with only two items: a tiny muslin pouch and a tablespoonful of dried herb. This following is a list of herb from which to choose for the specific kind of safeguard you feel you need.  Amulets are very easy to make and make nice gifts, as long as you feel your friend will truly benefit and is aware of the special qualities and power of such It can also be a small gift to yourself that yields big benefit. Wear your amulet as a pendant or tuck it in your pocket or purse for a “guardian to go.”


Spanish Moss can banish poltergeists and absorb curses, hexes and black magic

Dandelion provides a shielding energy and also clears away the negative

Marigold helps you communicate with the spirit world and those who passed on.

Burdock Root keeps travels safe and also protects you from anger and jealousy,

Clover will guard against misfortune and invite good faeries into your life.

Asphodel rids your home of unwanted energies and sends a ghost on its way to the afterlife.

Betony keeps sleep disturbances at bay and forestalls nightmares for deep sleep.

Agrimony is a defensive herb used to banish evil spirits and repels hostile magic..High John the Conqueror banishes bad magic and brings good luck to you





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