UpJourney /  How Long It Takes to Get Over Someone After a Breakup?
April 30

UpJourney / How Long It Takes to Get Over Someone After a Breakup?

There’s no timeline on love, whether you’re falling into it or getting over a breakup.

Breakups affect people in different ways, and there is a grieving process involved. It really depends on the breakup and the people involved!

You will feel a lot of different emotions after a breakup, ranging from sadness and anger and pain to relief and even joy and freedom, depending on what your relationship was like. You may need to grieve the plan, more than the relationship itself.

If you planned to spend your life with someone, or planned to have a child with someone, or planned to travel together on a really cool trip next year, you need to process the loss of those plans.

For me, leaving an abusive ex was an up-and-down roller coaster of emotions. I was so relieved and proud of myself for getting out of there, but I questioned if I would ever want to marry again or ever have the child I had longed to have with my husband. That whole path of my life was just gone overnight, and it was hard to process.

Then, when I started dating someone new, I panicked that it was happening too fast. My sister had to remind me that there’s no timeline and that it was safe to move on if I felt good about doing so.

You will also move on in your own time.

Reach out to friends, a trusted therapist, an inspirational book, or a pint of ice cream if you need to. Take the time to not have any expectations about your life.

Understand that your value does not come from what you do for other people, or whether you are partnered with someone.

Read that again: You are not valuable based on what you do for a partner. You are valuable all by yourself. Take your time, don’t rush it, and do what makes you feel comfortable.


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