Thrive Inc./ How to be ME in a WE
February 29

Thrive Inc./ How to be ME in a WE

We’re giving you an inside look!

This week’s podcast episode is all about things you can use in your own personal relationships to grow them closer to where you want them to be, starting today!

We are going to dive into some of what we share in our new book The Beauty of Conflict for Couples so you can begin thinking about these ideas and tools in your own relationship.

One thing we focus on is this idea that we all begin thinking relationships will be perfect- we will always be close, it will always be loving, it will fill our needs.

And then we get into relationships and they don’t always behave in a way we expected in our minds. This can show up in big and small ways, from the way they put on the toilet paper roll to how they interact with our families.

Our work with this has never been about making things smooth, we’re not fixing at a surface level, but learning how you can not lose yourself in your relationship, but be yourself and be in a healthy relationship.

It’s about how to be the ME in a WE.

So today we’re sharing our insights around this on the show and hope you will take away some thoughts or actions you can start using in your own relationship.

We hope you enjoy it and please let us know what you think about this ME in a WE idea!


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