Sunrise Spell: Blessing Bowl Ritual
June 19

Sunrise Spell: Blessing Bowl Ritual

Author of Moon Spell Magic, Cerridwen Greenleaf, shares a new spell to bless one of your most used spellcraft items; your bowl!


Here is a marvelous rite to perform on Midsummer Day and every day. While a bowl is not a tool in and of itself, you can utilize bowls in your spellwork often and anytime you are inspired to do so. Three simple ingredients, a red rose, a pink candle and water can bestow a powerful blessing. The rose signifies beauty, potential, the sunny seasons, love for yourself and others. The candle stands for the element of fire, the yellow flame of the rising sun in the east, harmony, higher intention and the light of the soul. Water represents its own element, flow, the direction of the west, emotions and cleansing. This ritual can be performed alone or with a group in which you pass the bowl around. 

Float the rose in a clear bowl of water and light a pink candle beside the bowl. With your left hand, gently stir the water in the bowl and say: 

These waters cleanse my soul and being,

Now, with a clear mind and heart, I am seeing,

I am love; my heart is a big as sky and earth.

From the east to the west, love universal gives life its worth. 

Blessings to all, so mote it be.

Keep the blessing bowl on your kitchen altar for three days and three nights, Dry the red rose and keep it on your nightstand or desk where it will always fill your heart.



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