New Moon, New Job Spell / Cerridwen Greenleaf
February 27

New Moon, New Job Spell / Cerridwen Greenleaf

New Job, New Moon






Another good spell purpose for the new moon is getting a new job. If you’re seeking new employment, try this ritual out.

Get your supplies out:
• 2 green candles
• 2 white candles
• 2 gold candles
• 2 pieces of green jade or another green stone
• Cinnamon oil

Line up the candles, alternating the colors. Anoint each one with cinnamon oil, and rub a little oil on the stones too. Start at one end and light each candle. With each one, repeat these words:

A new career is what I desire, 
I cast this spell to get a hire. 
By the light of this new moon, 
I need a new job soon. 

After all the candles are lit, take each stone and gently pass it through the flames (careful of your fingers). Then hold the stones in your hands and visualize the type of job you want to get. After the spell, pocket the stones and carry them with you. You should have a new job by the next new moon.