Fupping/ 24 Valuable Books For Women to Read
July 01

Fupping/ 24 Valuable Books For Women to Read

This list of 24 books for women to read features The Gift of Crisis by Bridgitte Jackson Buckley! Click here to check out the full list of books!


"For women who are feeling discouraged or dispirited and are sincerely interested in personal growth, yet find it difficult to make “mental room” to dedicate to such growth due to personal distractions, The Gift of Crisis is a raw and real read that offers authentic inspiration, hope, and wisdom to find your way back to the joy of life. This real life story of awakening reveals how to explore crisis as a tool for courageous change, and reminds us that we sometimes have to go through the fire to find the gold – “It’s not a crisis, it’s a crossroads!”"