Financially Well Off Podcast / What is Creativity?
August 10

Financially Well Off Podcast / What is Creativity?

Key Takeaways

  1. Creativity isn't only for artists, it's for everyone in any field.
  2. Don't wait for creativity to spark, make time for it weekly.

Podcast Interview Notes:


1. How can someone find their artist within?

I’ve interviewed creatives such as photographers and filmmakers. 

Many of them were Grammy Award-winning artists and entrepreneurs. Let’s take business, for example, you’re creating it from the ground up. The first thing tip I’d give is changing your mindset.

Little kids are encouraged all the time to create. Whether it’s drawing, coloring, playing games or telling stories. Then by the time they get their first job, their creativity seems to have been drained.

No matter what you’re doing, it can be considered a creative activity. Having this perspective adds fun to your life, instead of it only completing a task.


2. How can visualization help spark creativity?

Visualization is at the heart of creativity and life.

It means picturing something in your mind before seeing it in real life. Take Steve Job’s ideas for example, they all came from his vision. If we strengthen this ability we’d start to use our mind instead of letting it all go on automatic. 

Visualization has many steps. Take for example if you’re trying to write a book. First, write the table of contents. Doing this is a form of visualization.

It causes you to think through the beginning, middle and end of a book. As soon as you get things out of your mind and put them into the physical sense, your ideas start taking form.

I actually learned about visualization, not from any kind of religious or spiritual standpoint, I learned about it from the great photographer, Hansel Adams, who said, The whole key to a photograph is visualization. 

Practicing visualization every day will help strengthen our visualization muscles.


3. Is there a format one should follow when collaborating with others to spark creativity?

I’ve always done my best work collaborating with other people.

I love having whiteboard sessions, where I come in with my team and give them my input. Some ideas won’t work and some aren’t useful at the moment. I’ve found that by writing down all my ideas down and collaborating with my team, I’ve been able to be more creative.


4. What's the biggest mistake you've found people make when trying to be creative?

The biggest mistake I’ve seen others make is beating themselves up before letting the process flow.

Often at the early stages of a task it won’t appear as you’d like, but this is ok. You need to continue working, letting the process flow, otherwsie your creatjvity is never going to develop into something better. 


Money Round

If you had to start all over knowing what you know now—how would you start making money in the next 12 months?

I won’t cover any money-making tactics, instead, I’ll share the mindset I’d like to have.

If you think you need X amount of money, shoot for 10 times higher. For example, if you aim to earn $200,000 aim for $2 million instead. Even if you only get 80% there, you’ll be better off than shooting for your original goal. of your goal.


What advice would you give to people who are currently struggling with their finances and feeling hopeless?

Visualize where you want to go.

Similar to the process for being creative, I’d recommend others visualize themselves being debt-free and having a good relationship with their money.


What does money mean to you?

Aside from money being fun to have, it means energy.

Having money allows me to buy the kind of equipment I need for photography or a card of a fun car. Money gives me and others the ability to reach our goals.

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