Dreams with Elise Marie Collins, Cat Dillon, and Leslie Marsh
November 19

Dreams with Elise Marie Collins, Cat Dillon, and Leslie Marsh

On this week’s #GoalChatLive, I spoke with fellow Mango author Elise Marie Collins (Super Ager), food whisperer Cat Dillon, RHN, and shamanic storyteller Leslie Marsh about Dreams. We discussed what we can learn from our dreams and how to tune into them, as well as how to get better sleep. No snoozefest here. Just compelling conversation.


When I asked my guests the value of dreams, here is what they said:

  • Leslie: Dreams help with memory, connection, and understanding
  • Elise: Sleep dreams are amazing, because we are not confined by time and space
  • Cat: Dreams are messages …  creative exploration

“Dreams help us learn about ourselves,” Elise said. And, added Leslie, “When we don’t dream, we learn from that, too.”

Leslie continued, “Good dreams start with a conversation before you go to bed. Ask your universal mind to be reminded of the dream at a time when you will remember/be able to pay attention to it.”

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Better Sleep & Dreams 

There are simple things you can do to prep for sleep and, as a result, tap into your dreams. “We have to sleep to regenerate our brain, energy, spirit, hope for the future,” Cat said. “Plan to have a great night of sleep.”

  • Cat: There are certain foods that can promote and prevent better sleep. Look at what you are eating and how you are eating it. Try protein-rich foods in the evenings
  • Elise: Get light on your eyes in the morning. Try journaling and exercise (find a good time, not within 2-3 hours of sleep) during the day
  • Leslie: Trance dance. Go with the beat of the music and focus on connecting with your spirit guides while you dance
  • Leslie: Write down your ideas/dreams, getting as detailed as possible. Play into all the senses, before you go to sleep
  • Elise: Tap into your passion and desires. Get rid of your limiting beliefs


  • Elise: Change in baby steps. Pick one tiny action that you will do tonight (2 minutes)
  • Cat: Have your pen and paper next to your bed in case you wake up with something you need to write down. Stop multitasking
  • Leslie: Be kind to yourself. Think about your self speak. Also, daydream


What’s your best tip for better sleep and fulfilling dreams? Please share in the comments.

Next Week

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