Divine Decluttering: Clearing the Decks for Health and Wealth
June 29

Divine Decluttering: Clearing the Decks for Health and Wealth

Looking to clear the way in your life for something better? Try author of Moon Spell Magic, Cerridwen Greenleaf's divine decluttering!


Prosperity and purification go hand in hand. One of the greatest tools for purification is sage. While every metaphysical store has it in quantity, I highly recommend gathering or growing sage yourself. Aromatic sage dries quickly and can be bound into thick “smudge sticks,” which you should keep at the ready in a fireproof clay dish. To make a smudge stick, take dried sage leaves and bind them with green and gold thread wound nine times around the bundles and knotted at each loop. Leave room for a handle at the base of the wand, where you wind and knot the green and gold threads thrice more. This will honor the three Fates who hold the thread of our destiny in their hands: Clotho spins the thread of life; Lachesis chooses its length and outcome; and Atropos cuts the thread.

 Use your smudge stick at any time purification is in order, especially if you’ve moved, started a new job, bought a new car, or purchased any second-hand clothing or furniture. This will help remove any energy that might be clinging from the previous owner. If have just performed a big decluttering in your home or office, you can further cleanse your personal space by smudging it with sage smoke.

 Light your smudge stick and, moving clockwise, circle the area or items to be purified.

Speak aloud:

"Great Spirit goddess so wise, with this smoke,

 your blessed protection I invoke.

 Out with the bad, in with the good.

 Harm to none and blessings to all."

Give a lot of thought about what constructive changes you wish to see in your life or what positive qualities you want to develop further in yourself.

For example, right now, I want to get even more organized, so I will get some lazulite. Crystals and sacred stones can be a great source of clarity and help process emotions.  Of course, getting organized requires some letting go and getting rid of belongings that have seen better days.  This used to be a real problem for me. As any of my friends can tell you, and my cozy cottage is lined with magazines, journals, and books, books, books! But, I really feel the need to declutter my life and streamline it—get a bit more Zen. So, I’ll have to get organized with lazulite power and then let go with lepidolite! Also, I have never really had any jade, but recently, I feel like I need the grounding and stabilizing effects of this stone. Additionally, I need to get more prosperity-minded. I need to be better about saving money and thinking in terms of my future security so I’m not reading tarot out on the sidewalk when I’m 90! So, I have been walking through San Francisco’s Chinatown and feeling very attracted to different jades. I’m sure you feel such urges and attractions, too. Often, this might be your subconscious giving you a gentle nudge about some growing you need to do. Listen to those inner voices, and you will reap the benefits again and again.

Change Your Life With Sacred Stones:


-amber for grounding

-aventurine for creative visualization

-bloodstone for abundance and prosperity,

-carnelian for opening doors for you your family

-citrine for getting motivated and attracting money and success

-geode for getting through periods of extreme difficulty

-hematite for strength and courage

-jasper for stability

-rhodochrosite for staying on course with your life’s true purpose

-watermelon tourmaline for help with planning your best possible future


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