Conversations with Joan 5/5/19 / Irene O'Garden and Jean Chatzky
May 09

Conversations with Joan 5/5/19 / Irene O'Garden and Jean Chatzky

Irene O’Garden: Risking the Rapids

Irene O’Garden grew up in what seemed like the perfect American midwestern family. Behind the scenes, however, it was anything but. Irene discusses her journey from cruelty, narcissism, and neglect, to one understanding and forgiveness. She teaches that it is never too late to heal from family damage, and that being afraid is nothing to be afraid of. Irene has won or has been nominated for prizes in nearly every writing category. Her new book is Risking the Rapids: How My Wilderness Adventure Healed My Childhood.

 Jean Chatzky: Closing the Retirement Gap

According to a recent report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office, 48 percent of Americans age 55 and older have no money in either an IRA or 401k-style account. And, 29 percent have no pension or retirement savings accounts. Jean Chatzky discusses this growing problem and offers actionable advice. Jean is an award-winning personal finance journalist, the financial editor of The Today Show and host of the podcast, HerMoney. Her new book is Women with Money.

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