ClutterBug.Me/Dollar Store Christmas Decor Ideas – Quick and Cheap!
December 09

ClutterBug.Me/Dollar Store Christmas Decor Ideas – Quick and Cheap!

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Dollar Store Christmas Decor Ideas – Quick and Cheap!


OK, so I just did a little rearranging in my basement and I wanted to decorate for Christmas. Armed with just $50, I headed to the Dollar Store and …gasp…It was totally picked over! In this video I’ll show you some fast and inexpensive Dollar Store Christmas Decor Ideas…even if your your Dollar Store is […]  Read on »

EASY DIY Christmas Gift Ideas 🎁


Here are a few fast and easy DIY Christmas Gift Ideas (that your loved ones will actually want). DIY Christmas gifts for Grandparents don’t have to be the usual handprints or picture frames, you can create custom and functional DIY Christmas gifts on a small budget! If you want to see the FULL tutorial on […]  Read on »

Self Care for Christmas


What is self care? For me, it’s taking time for myself so that I can be better for my family. Sometimes we need to relax in order to get more done. Sometimes we also need alone time so that we can better enjoy being around people. In this podcast, I talk about self care and […]  Read on »


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