Change your brainwave. Change your world.
November 12

Change your brainwave. Change your world.

Deep Soul Explorers,

It’s only in the slow gentle Theta brainwave state that you have access to things you do not already know.

It’s only in Theta that the threshold between worlds opens.

It’s only in Theta that creativity takes your breath away.

And it’s only in Theta that you know—and you know that you know—that you have been touched by something that cannot be explained.

Something beyond your capacity to understand. Yet it’s more real than anything you’ve ever encountered. 

This is why patriarchy does everything in its power to keep us in the high speed, hyper-vigilant Beta brainwave state filled with pressure, anxiety, judgement, performance, and chasing goals. All our education and corporate systems are designed to keep us racing toward accomplishing something or getting something that patriarchy told us we needed. 

We jump into Beta when the alarm goes off and race after our goals until we fall back into bed late at night for way too little sleep. 

Consider these depressing numbers.

Under patriarchy, we spend 60% of our day in hyper-focused speedy beta, only 10% in alpha doing productive work, 5% or less in theta, and if we get only 6 hours of sleep, 25% in slow dreamy delta.

With so little theta-access to creativity and such restricted dream time, we have no access to breakthrough ideas or mystical creativity or “the peace that passes all understanding.”

And the world doesn’t—can’t —change. 

We’ve seen where these performance-driven linear priorities have gotten us. And the demise of our earth makes it clear that everything has to change. 

Plenty of people are talking about the need for change, but no one is linking those changes to upending our brainwaves. 

If a critical mass of people dramatically increase their time in theta, patriarchy will have no choice but to collapse.

You know why?

Because creativity is radical. It’s feminine. And it’s beyond control. 

Here’s how a world centered on inclusion, reverence, love, and creativity might look. 

We would spend only 2% of our time in the hyper-vigilant beta state, just enough to handle emergency situations. We would bring our creative ideas into form with 20% or more of our day in alpha. But the juice and joy of life would be the 40% (or more!) spent in the rich evocative theta brainwave state—the threshold between worlds. Creatives need more sleep, so we would give ourselves 9 hours of sleep, resting and dreaming for 38% of our day in delta. 

What would happen with such a dramatic shift in brain waves? All priorities would change. 


    • wild creativity: everyone would discover how creative they really are 


  • powerful clairs: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance
  • endless interplay with the wisdom of The Mystic
  • experience the living presence of the divine feminine in all life
  • gentleness, joy, and real partnership in our relationships 
  • children would be treasured
  • women would be revered
  • focus would shift from building corporations to nurturing communities
  • personal priorities would shift from consumerism to creativity—we could no longer to coerced to buy things we don’t need
  • healthy relationship with mother earth
  • the dead  would no longer be dead, we’d be aware of their presence and support
  • dramatic reduction in anxiety and stress 

I was blessed to stumble upon how to drop from alpha into theta and even deeper into the rare and glorious mystical theta while writing.

In the course of researching psychology and neurobiology for Writing Down Your Soul, I learned that the magic to soul writing is theta.

Once I knew that, I began to notice ALL the times and ways I could slip into theta and started to train myself to expand and expand and expand that access.

If I have a “secret,” Theta is it. And my great joy is to give that secret to you.

For a long time I didn’t understand why the first week of The Lotus and The Lily is just preparation.

I actually pushed back when those instructions came through in deep soul writing in November of 2009 when I was facing bankruptcy. I felt like saying, excuse me, I’m going bankrupt here, I don’t have time to fool around for a week! 

But I have discovered over the 10 years I’ve led The Lotus and The Lily that the richest and most necessary time IS this first week.

NOT because we create prayers or altars or rituals—all of which we do and all of which feed and fuel this delicious mystical adventure.

The underlying reason week 1 is so rich and so necessary, is that it trains you to expand our access to theta. 

Now that I understand what's really going on in this week of Preparation, I've added a whole section of the Handbook on 17 ways to access theta--around the clock.

Even I who lives this way, am a tad floored by how effortlessly we can cross this thresholds between worlds if we just know how.

Come and play in the Theta sandbox with me! It will change your life not just for this intensive, but for always.  







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