Awakening Self / Weekly Bit of Inspiration
December 17

Awakening Self / Weekly Bit of Inspiration


As autumn comes to a close, the last of the leaves part from their branches. Fall's letting go process beckons us to release our grip. 

We cling to so many things - emotions, attitudes, beliefs and perceptions, not to mention the material things that fill our homes. We also clench our jaws and grip our muscles, causing us tension and suffering.

In yoga philosophy, releasing is known as Aparigraha. It literally means non-grasping, non-clinging. It's time to loosen up our grip and open our hands. Like sand falling between our fingers, there is freedom in releasing our grip on life, especially our grip on control.

Aparigraha teaches us the beautiful freedom of trust and surrender. In releasing, we open to receive. This prepares you for the emergence of the Divine Light at the winter solstice.



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