Amazon Book: Lusitania Lost: A Novel
December 09

Amazon Book: Lusitania Lost: A Novel

Lusitania Lost: A Novel 

By Leonard Carpenter 

Lusitania Lost: A Novel by [Carpenter, Leonard]


If you loved Titanic, you’re going to like Lusitania Lost!

Lusitania Lost: The author of the Conan the Barbarian series turns his novelistic eye to real-life history of World War 1 in a “Titanic meets the Guns of August” spy thriller.

A Lusitania spy thriller: History, romance, action. This is the final voyage of the Lusitania, the world's fastest luxury liner torpedoed by a German U-boat in the first year of the Great War. The story is told above and below decks, in the capitals and battlefields of Europe. We meet world leaders, the swank Broadway party set on shipboard, and the relentless submarine crew who fired the torpedo that launched America into war.

Romance, intrigue and murder: Alma Brady is on the run from a New York mob boss. Desperate to escape Big Jim Hogan and his murderous gang, she joins a group of nurses bound for the Great War in Europe. Their ship is the Lusitania, the most celebrated luxury liner of 1915, with a passenger list of Broadway and Continental celebrities headed for certain doom. Aboard the Lusitania she meets Matthew Vane, a war correspondent who wants to find out what secret weapons may be hidden in the Lusitania cargo hold. During the one-week voyage, the characters are drawn into romance, intrigue and murder, culminating in a disaster whose full harrowing details have never been revealed in history or fiction.

Lusitania horror and hope: Even with the threat of German U-boats and the too-recent Titanic disaster, who can guess that the passengers aboard Lusitania face dangers more horrifying than any on the war-torn battlefields across the Atlantic? Nor does Alma realize how relentlessly her past will pursue her. And, the lover she meets is a daredevil reporter intent on probing the Lusitania’s innermost secrets. His quest may lead them both into even greater peril, or give rise…just possibly…to hope.


About the Author


Born Leonard Paul Carpenter in Chicago, I've spent most of my life in California, with a boyhood year in West Texas and a 1973 bicycle excursion through Europe with my late wife Cheryl. Since her passing in 2014 I've traveled, worked on book projects and websites.

I've also created a movie script, THE LUSI, for my historical novel LUSITANIA LOST. This Lusitania spy thriller, to be released by Mango Publications in October 2017, portrays the final 1915 voyage of the doomed passenger liner with romance, intrigue and murder. Three years after Titanic's sinking, this wartime disaster surpassed it in terror and historical impact, setting America on the path to war. Apart from my fictional characters, the story depicts actual events aboard the doomed ship, on the U-boat that hunted it, and in the capitals and battlefields of war-torn Europe. LUSITANIA LOST will be available on Amazon.

Literally and literar-ily I am the most prolific author of Conan the Barbarian novels, in the great storytelling tradition of Robert E. Howard, 1906-1936. Channeling Conan, I raised and toppled empires, slew evil gods and tyrants, and sent an expedition to the realm of ice and fire at the headwaters of the legendary River Styx.

In addition to those dozen books, my novel BIOHACKER is available on Amazon Kindle. This near-future science fiction thriller addresses climate change, global population and computer intellect.