Effects Of Pickled Herring book launch with Alex Schumacher!
April 06

Effects Of Pickled Herring book launch with Alex Schumacher!

Growing up can be stinky…

Meet author and illustrator Alex Schumacher

ALEX SCHUMACHER is an author/illustrator whose work has appeared in the form of picture books, comic strips, graphic novels, and too many paper napkins to count. From an early age, his cartoons were regularly displayed in a number of respectable kitchens by adoring relatives. Alex has also written for periodicals and websites such as Comicon.com, The Comic Book Yeti, and Monkeys Fighting Robots Magazine. While often lost in his imagination, he can mostly be found in San Francisco where he lives with his wonderful wife and beloved—but incredibly clingy—dog, Meldrick.


As he and his sister Alana prepare for their B’nai Mitzvah, twelve-year-old Micah Gadsky and his whole family feel the world shifting beneath their feet when they learn a heartbreaking truth about his grandmother. The stress of the season leads Micah’s introspective nature and Alana’s outgoing disposition to collide, creating division and discord at a time when the family needs each other most. Before Micah can become a man, he must brave the storms of grief, confront the complexities of growing up, and ultimately, learn to lean on love when life trips him up.

The Effects of Pickled Herring by Alex Schumacher is a poignant coming-of-age graphic novel about sibling dynamics, faith, and the enduring bonds of family. A perfect blend of humor and heart, this book explores self-worth, identity, and the challenges of supporting someone living with Alzheimer’s disease. You will laugh and cry alongside Micah as he grapples with questions of faith and navigates the challenges of growing up.



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