Couples Alive II: Edge with Susan Clarke and CrisMarie Campbell
August 04

Couples Alive II: Edge with Susan Clarke and CrisMarie Campbell

Igniting Passion and Aliveness


The Couples Alive series is for people in primary relationship who want more, and are prepared to go beyond the familiar to find it.

When we first meet someone, and increasingly as the stakes go up, we do our best to be seen in a positive light. It is in these exciting – and often uneasy – times that we begin to establish the range of who and how we are in our relationship.

If we suppress ourselves to make our relationship work, we are likely to experience resentment, distance, distrust and anxiety. Alternatively, each person's fully acknowledged and expressed presence can become the foundation of a solid, loving relationship. Through this process we begin to build faith in ourselves and each other to relate at an edge of aliveness and discovery.

Passionate expression and healthy power-struggle can help establish growth and acceptance – as individuals and as a couple. In this program couples work to identify and share personal characteristics, beliefs and behaviours, go beyond 'good-bad' judgments, and explore how these traits can be embraced to enhance relationship.

This program is for couples that want to:

  • Experience more energy, pleasure and edge
  • Develop a healthy approach to power struggles
  • Learn ways to create personal safety
  • Build solid ground for relating through risk, compassion and curiosity
  • Broaden their range of intimacy
  • Create an open and accepting environment for each person

Please Note:

  1. The Couples Alive programs have been specifically designed to be taken in order. We strongly recommend that you take the programs in sequence.
  2. Couples Alive I: Foundations is a prerequisite for this program.
  3. Pricing for this program is PER COUPLE.


  • $500 per program, per couple, if you take more than one Couples Alive program in the same year
  • $250 per couple if you bring another couple


This program does not require approval by the registrar of the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training.   As such, the registrar did not review this program.

Current year regular tuition: 
Current year early-bird tuition: 
Tuition fees do not include meals or accommodation.
From:   August 04, 2019
To:  August 08, 2019