Secrets of Strong Couples
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Pages   212
ISBN-13  978-1-68481-220-2

Secrets of Strong Couples

Personal Stories and Couples Communication Skills for Long-Lasting Relationships (Family Health and Mate-Seeking, Relationship Expert) (Couples Gift)

By Julie Bulitt, David Bulitt

Keep Your Marriage Strong

“Written by a licensed relationship therapist and a divorce attorney, if you read this book, you won’t need the services of either! ” ―Becca Anderson, author of Let Me Count the Ways

#1 New Release in Sociology of Marriage & Family

Couples communication and relationship experts David Bulitt and Julie Bulitt share their relational knowledge in this book that may save your marriage. With stories and marriage help tested by real couples, learn how to survive and thrive after relationship and marriage fights, becoming parents, deaths, and other struggles.

Get partnership and marriage help tested by real couples. The relationship experts behind the bestselling The Core Conversations for Couples put together another essential couples book for relationships. Secrets of Strong Couples shows you how real couples have made it through to the other side of real crises—together.

Learn how to overcome couples communication hardships, marriage fights, and more. Walk alongside committed partners as you learn how to fix your marriage or relationship, no matter what life throws at you. Whether you’re dealing with infertility, job loss, infidelity, grief, or other relationship strife, these personal stories provide all the relationship and marriage advice you need to thrive!

Inside this essential couples gift, you’ll find:

  • Practical advice from authors experienced in couples, marriage counseling and divorce law
  • Examples of how to persevere through life’s most difficult trials without losing each other
  • Real couples communication help from partners who are not afraid to share their difficult stories

Readers of books like This Is How Your Marriage Ends by Matthew Fray, Marriage Be Hard by Kevin Fredericks & Melissa Fredericks, or Communication Miracles for Couples by Jonathan Robinson will love Secrets of Strong Couples.

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